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Seems like Iím talking to myself here most of the times, which is a pity really considering all those beautiful articles stored in the depths of this site. There must have been a time, when this place was more what its name promises to be than it is right now. What an irony, ďnetaliveĒ is dead! Well, may be itís ahead of its time and thatís the destiny all those social sites, perhaps even the whole non-commercial-web in the not too far future.

This place seems to be online for almost 10 (...)

A marriage is between one man and one woman. Ok, if we assume the only reason for marriage is to procreate, and multiply. But where does THAT assumption come from? Marriage is the manifestation of love between two people, but expressly for the purpose of reproduction? If those assumptions be the case, then logically it must follow that if a couple doesn't produce offspring, their marriage must be made null-and-void.

If we assume that marriage's most important reason is for procreation, then (...)

As my laundry hangs dripping over the tub, I learned that wringing out too many clothes after washing is painful on the hands and so I let them hand for about an hour before I wring them out, I was thinking about this project I have going on.
It's a set of 25, or will be in a few days, of 25 moncromatic drawings in color on black.

Now the virtues of drawing on black paper are many. Using black to start with tends to mess with how we see the world.
You deal with only the light reflection if (...)

Wow, going back to this thread brings up quite a few memories. :-)

So where am I now, six years and ten days later? A lot has changed, but isn't that what always happens to long-term plans?

A bit less than three years ago Honeybunny and me moved in together. One and a half years ago we married. Last spring we moved to Liechtenstein, into a great apartment close to her parents, and started making plans to take over their house once it becomes too big for them. Honeybunny (...)

So now the Turkish ambassador to the US is gone, because a Congressional committee declared the murder of between 1 and 1.5 million Armenians between 1915-1918 in the Ottoman Empire to be a genocide.

Let me see how quickly I can go through this all without boring you, dear readers.

Prior to WWI, a group of intellectual revolutionaries calling themselves the Young Turks (modelling themselves after the Young Ottomans) came to power on a platform of reviving the decaying Ottoman Empire which (...)


I have finally done it.

I have reached my dream at 24. it wasn't a huge dream. It was just earn good money, run your own business, work in your pants, smoke lots of weed. Simple, calm and profitable.

I honestly do 2 hours of work per day, if that. I live with my best friend and we drink chocolate milk and eat pizza like it was going out of fashion. I eat good food with family during the day and drink wine with my friends every evening.

It may not be a great dream. It may be (...)

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