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Maybe you've heard by now, but last month Google came out with it's own browser called "Chrome". Like all Google products, it's a red, yellow and mostly blue beta version. Like most net reviews already have said, it's obviously competition for IE7 and a foot hold for Google's market share. It's heavily based on the Mozilla code base - enough that netalive mistakenly recognizes it as Firefox.

Mostly, I'm a fan, but here's my best and worst five points about Chrome:



I recently received an email about "Keeping the Internet Equal" from a civil rights group. This issue has to do with the Domain Name Servers (DNS) that direct traffic on the internet. The largest of which, the root server, happens to be housed in the USA.

Congress is considering signing a bill that would allow communications companies to decide which traffic goes where and how fast. As a former IT worker I can understand the companies' desire to regulate traffic more throughly. This (...)

This is probably one of the best things I've stumbled across while half asleep surfing the web. Ever.

John Dies At The End

Trying to think of a way to describe it. So far I've come up with "retarded genius". The site itself sums it up pretty well too:

"... like being run over by a truck made of horror, hauling four tons of stupid..."

Just to warn you, don't go thinking you're gonna read it in fifteen minutes. It's actually at least the length of a (...)

Let me quickly direct your attention to a little goodie I came across a few days ago. Its for anyone, who's reading RSS feeds periodically and who's sort of annoyed to have an external newsreader or adding all those feeds to the bookmarks of your Firefox browser.

Wizz RSS newsreader is a cute, little extension for Firefox.

If you want it like that, it may reside in the sidebar with just a few basic, but (...)

Recently, Yahoo announced that it would follow in Google and MSN's footsteps and offer a service similar to Blogger and Spaces. The service is called Yahoo 360 and is currently an invite only service. I recently got in due to a stroke of luck and would like to pass a few of my invitations to you guys here who would like to try the service.

What has struck me odd is that there are no ads, I don't know whether this is because it is in a beta stage, or if this is a feature Yahoo hopes will (...)

Okay I have a question for any Apache guru's among us. I recently discovered that my websites do not look correctly on Internet Explorer. This is not a problem for me (I use Firefox to develop and to view) but is a problem for the viewers of my church website (of which I maintain and develop).

In my hectic life I do not have time to debug nor do I have the patience to find out why my websites look messed up under IE. I know that I could use javascript to determine which web browser version (...)

Okay here is the situation. I have a Unix/Apache_1.3.27 machine which is under constant attack from Windows servers infected with various worms. While the machine itself isn't vulnerable, I'd like to counter these probes (be it by sending a message to the attacking host, adjusting the firewall to block its IP address, or whatever).

Therefore I've created a directory named scripts/..%5c%5c../winnt/system32 in my web root and placed a binary called cmd.exe there. The attacker will request that (...)

Recently I was asked what tricks I had to employ in order to make usable for the blind, the visually impaired, on pocket computers, smart cellphones, and why print-outs of this site suddenly look so good.

What I did was to break with half a decade of bad web programming practice which still makes up 99% of all internet sites out there.

How we used to do it

Take a look at the Users page for instance. How would the old (...)

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