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So with Microsoft ramming Vista down their helpless users' throats... err, winning their hearts for the most advanced Windows ever, and knowing that I'll eventually be required to "upgrade" my XP, I'm once more looking to free my main PC from Redmond's claws. From previous attempts I know that this is not easy, as I expect my future system to have all the advantages and features of Windows, but none of its disadvantages. Also, the new system should be more advanced in (...)

I thought I might mention that the latest stable GNOME release is now available for public consumption. I know that some folk here aren't terribly keen on the project, but I mention it for a reason.

I'm currently downloading Ubuntu 5.10 (though I use Gentoo), because it features this new GNOME desktop (I prefer Window Maker). Why? My father's hard drive mysteriously died a few days ago, and my repeated attempts to resurrect it have mostly failed. (...)

Well, last week I totally fucked up. For those of you that know what this means: I copied device nodes onto both my majour filesystems, $ROOT and my storage drive (that held all my music, images, and roms). Well, for those of you NOT in the know, this fucks your filesystem proper. After doing so, there was no going back...

The funny part was, it all worked UNTIL I did filesystem checked and attempted to repair them. I first noticed a problem when I booted the (...)

My venture into linux has failed, rather horribly. I downloaded a copy of the Mandrake distro and ran the install on my computer, putting it on a seperate hard-drive so I could have a dual boot. The install ran perfectly fine, and the boot loader works fine, allowing me to access windows perfectly.

As for accessing linux, well, that's another story. Lots of crap flies up my screen with a bunch of green OKs, but after that, I'm given a Code: with several numbers following, followed by the (...)

I want to know of other people's favorite programs. If you have one and would like to share, please explain why. I am hoping that we can all pick up some gems from each other.
My favorite program is EPSXE, it completely destroys the claim that linux has no good games, and does as much for the gaming community as loki, ID, Unreal Tournament, and is alway somethin cool to play with.

I regularly chat on a few IRC channels (namely #trinity, and #sandbox) with a few freinds, and the subject of drivers was brought up while I was setting up my system. The basic argument was as follows (This is not the full conversation, it's truncated and is only similar to the original convo although the ideas are the same):

Me: I use corporate nVidia drivers because they are faster.
Majic: All drivers should be open sourced.
Other User: Corp drivers are faster, OSS are slower.
Majic: If we (...)

Due to problems I'm having with my computer (mainly in Windows), I decided to completely reinstall everything. I run both WinXP and Gentoo Linux on my computer.

I have a Linux question: when I reinstall Gentoo Linux, which filesystem should I use? Reiser4 ( or JFS ( I am currently using JFS because when I installed Gentoo (a while back), I couldn't get ReiserFS (prior version to Reiser4) to allow me to (...)

Hey all, this is my first post here, obviously.

I found this place running a google search for "typedef struct" heh. It was in the old codersguild archives. This place seems nice enough.

I've been running linux for about a year now. Gentoo, Debian, Slackware, Ubuntu, Mandrake, etc.. I've been on quite a few distros (especially for dialup!). Right now I'm programming a small OpenGL demo on reflective surfaces; I'm trying to see if I can get nice effects with procedural textures and mabey (...)

Favorites (edit)

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Netalive Amp (Skin for Winamp)