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This piece of H-list horror movie crap... Saying it was "bad" does not do it justice. No, it wasn't just a bad movie. It was a bloody fucking dreadful movie. Skinned Deep, it's called. It's not the worst movie in the history of cinema, but I'd be willing to bet it's in the top three.

Upon reading the back cover, I had a pretty good idea that this wasn't going to end to my advantage, but I watched it anyway. I mean, how can you not after being introduced to characters such as Mama, (...)

So, has anybody seen Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End, yet? I went to see it with a co-worker, and really enjoyed it. I can't really say it defined any genre's or represented what every film maker should strive to be... but it was a good movie.

My favourite funny moment was when the midget jumped onto the pier and fired off his mini-cannon, disappearing into the off-screen behind him as he was propelled by the weapon's recoil. Fucking brilliant.

As an aside, how is everyone? It's (...)

Why is it that in all the movies we watch, we always end up rooting for the lead character, however twisted or immoral they are?

I posed myself this question after watching Scarface and Goodfellas recently. As Tony Montana Pacino portrays a ruthless, selfish, emotionless thug, who is no better than the druglords he kills in making his way to the top. He feels nothing to kill, and shows no compassion for his freinds or relatives (bar the final scene). Liotta's Henry Hill is no better - a born (...)

Ok, so the movies of HP1 and HP2 both sucked, royally. i didn't watch the third movie, but i was optimistic about Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I thought that surely over 4 years, they would have learnt how to write a script, and act. apparently not. The movie was awful, granted not as bad as HP1 and HP2, but not worth the $8 i spent on seeing on.

they hacked away at the story until it was just a montage of events with no character motivations at all. With Rowling, a acript (...)

The original Omen series are close to 30 years old. Reason enough for Hollywood to produce a contemporary remake. The birth of Satan's son is now being announced by events such as tsunamis or 9/11 - it may seem a bit far-fetched to interpret the fall of the World Trade Center as a "fire-spewing mountain", but which bible passage isn't far-fetched, right?

Being a fan of the original series, I walked into the cinema with what might have been too high expectations.
Maybe five minutes into the (...)

I like this movie, but all my friends here in South Dakota didn't like it.

There will be an ENTIRE discussion of the plot. DO NOT read if you want to have a virgin movie viewing experience.

Memoirs of a Geisha is definatly character driven. It has a lot of action, but if you only follow the action, you start to wonder what the point of the movie is. There are also a few cultural aspects that add significance, and if you miss those it could be (...)

I admit it. I'm hooked like crack on British comedy. I have a problem. What I want to know is who else shares this deadly affliction?

You see, my problem began at the tender age of 14 when i was introduced to the hilarity of Yes Minister and the subsequent Yes, Prime Minister. I was in love. All rational thought left my head, and i began to have unhealthy cravings for Sir Humphries dry wit and the PMs attempts to hold onto to control, and Bernard's delightful stating of the obvious. (...)

This is a cross-post from my blog, but I would like to post my review of Syriana and get your thoughts on the movie. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it highly.

I just saw Syriana, a captivating piece inspired by former Middle East CIA case officer Bob Baer’s first autobiography. The movie is produced by the same outfit behind Traffic and has the same sort of documentary feel, though Soderbergh is not in the director’s chair or behind the camera. The cast is phenomenal and the story (or (...)

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