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I could use your help with this.

For a project of mine I need a very fuzzy map of music genres that can roughly tell me the similarity of two genres. My quick and dirty solution for this was to divide all genres into a few groups (means enough similarity to be roughly equal) and then give a number between 0 and 1 for the similarity of two groups.

I would appreciate if the music enthusiasts among you could go through the list below, point out any major mistakes (I only listen to so (...)

Finally We Are No One
"Green Grass of Tunnel"

I have been repeating "Green Grass of Tunnel" for the 200th time since last Thursday.

It might be due to age.
I have reached a point where there is no more use for rock music except when cleaning the house.

It could also be because of my boss.
In a moment of weakness, I described to the HMV guy how I needed a music to maintain professional composure, when all is darkness (staying overnight in office) and despair (we can't finish and the (...)

Last night, by coincidence, I stumbled across a link to the home page of Judas Priest. For those of you that name doesn't ring a bell, Judas Priest was one of the leading Metal bands in the late 70s, early 80s of the last century (heavens, that sounds like ages ago!). In fact they are called the fathers of NWOBHM, the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, which made bands like Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Saxon, even Def Leppard was ruled in at that time.

I (...)

I heard this track recently called alphabet aerobics by BLACKALICIOUS, im not a great rap fan generally but have a lot of eminem and cassetboy, Dj Vapour e.t.c

I love hearing a talent and appreciating skill and this track is beeming with it, alphabet aeribics is a rap/rhyme opening with a string of A words making a sentacnce and so on till the end, lyrics are here but i havent read them the real skill lies in the guy (...)

My dad has decided that the music I listen to sounds like a massive car can I appreciate his music and all the oldie classics and yet he cannot accept or appreciate what I listen to...there must be some logic behind it!

For example a favourite band of mine would be My Chemical Romance and my dad loves Gordon Lightfoot... And i can see what he loves about him and Iagree and enjoy listening to it yet apparently Gerad Way (Lead singer of MCR) has a voice like a distressed cat and (...)

Admittedly this may belong in current events, but weighing up this mans life contributions to the music scene, it seemed right to post here :)

Robert Moog has passed away '21 august 2005'

He is the man responable for the first synths and other instruments, I believe most contemporary music would not of got where it is without his inventions, Moog’s namesake analog synthesizers have undoubtebly affected music of today in ways even he im sure did not expect.

We have him and his creations (...)

So I now live 1000 miles away from the bass player I've been playing with for years (I play guitar), and 250 miles from the keyboardist and drummer. And everyone has some sort of short-term moving plan to further complicate things. So, how do we collaborate musically? Email? FedEx the sessions back and forth?

Well, NINJAM (Novel Intervallic Network Jamming Architecture for Music) looks, um, interesting. While certain groups strive to maintain low-latency (...)

During my recent visit to a cash converters store, a place for people to go and sell their belongings because their desperate for cash, only to see it in the window display the next day for three times as much, i came across a top cd .

I lnormally go their on the lookout for some new music and grab a few albums for a pound or two on a bit off a gamble really

More often than not i find a good few tracks i like or maybe a new band or music style thay turns my ears on. I bought one recently (...)

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Netalive Amp (Skin for Winamp)