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What a joke. 10+ billion dollar 4th quarter profits, talk about living in excess! It's funny that the American public and other residents in other countries have to charge gas on credit cards because we cannot always bring out the cash. The oil industries continue to take advantage of natural disasters and other public panics, all in the name of greed.

Man I wish we as a whole can find other means soon because this is bullsh**. Oh wait we can't, I forgot that the oil industries buy out (...)

The pro-choice pro-life debate is such token issue. Candidates use this issue to make themselves look righteous, feminist, pro-freedom, etc.

If you are really concerned about babies dieing, get the government to fund more aid for single mothers and poor families. Or better yet, actually enforce child payments for deadbeat dads.
Oh, and here's a completly non-political solution. Spend time with your f* children. Remind them how important they are. How they don't deserve to be used as (...)

Let me try something. There was a discussion I had lately that kept me thinking for a while. May be I can try and share some of the basic thoughts, cause somehow its becoming too much of a threat and scary to think of. And I'd gladly like to hear your opinions on that issue.

Looking at history we learn, that political systems, models of societies are subject to change once the glory of new ideas and the individual feeling of success has worn out, Sometimes it takes wars, sometimes (...)

INDIANAPOLIS, IN. In regards to the breaking news going on about the NSA spying program, something made me laugh. With all the issues going on in the White House, I thought; how funny all Clinton did was get a blowjob and Congress was talking about impeaching him.
Fast forward 6 plus years and you have Bush lying about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (He just admitted the WMD intelligence mistakes). He has totally killed our relations and respect with many countries. He decided it was (...)

That's right. Belgian TV viewers may be exposed to a 20-seconds ad in which the Smurfs' little village is carpet-bombed and Baby Smurf is crying next to a dead Smurfette while others are running around in panic in the background. The spot has been approved by the late Smurfs' creator's family that holds all rights on the blue little characters.
According to the UNICEF, the cartoon "focuses on the devastating effects war has on children."

From the article below:

The reactions ranged


I don't know much about the issue but this is what I do know...

In 1994, North Korean leader Kim Il Sung had declared he would freeze Korea's nuclear program and begin summit talks with Kim Young-sam. But, after 'ending' nuclear arms development, he died, leaving his country to his son, Kim Jong Il. 'The Dear Leader' remained silent for six years, but then, in 2000, became very vocal. In 2001, he demanded that the president of the United States recognize North Korea as a nuclear power and a (...)

The democrats of the great Red state of South Dakota are trying to snag a piece of "religion" that was previously monopolized by republicans.

The thinking here is that the democrats need to show their fellow republican citizens that they too value "Jesus" (and hopefully then they can turn them democrat). My question is:

When did Christianity become an American value?!?

Damn, before 9/11 Christ had the same (...)

Having a recent discussion with a friend, who happens to be Asian, about college, the argument of affirmitive action happened to come up. We agreed on many lines on why it is such a horrible system and how it is a legal form of racism. I know he detests it becuase he is a very bright guy who prides himself on getting through life on his own merit, not the color of his skin. So, I ask, why is it still practiced, under the covers maybe, but its still a factor in colleges, proffessions, and (...)

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