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Thanks to a friend of my mother, I was able to purchase a so-called Universal Notebook Power Adaptor via eBay. And now, after re-assembling all the components I've removed from my notebook to get it back on-line during the last 2 years or so, thanks to that big nasty HDD crash it had back then, I've connected it with the (of course correct set) above mentioned power adaptor - and (...)

I have been working in my current position for the past month and a half and I have to say that it is the best freaking job that I have ever had.

My days consist of playing numerous rounds of chess, writing on NAO, sending emails, chatting on msn, researching mindless self indulgence including the omnious affects of sucralose or the history behind the Thundercats, and of course... "working".

This is sick. My "work" is so mindless that it is hilarious. Out of a typical 8 hour work day, I (...)

So I broke down and let two friends talk me into going down to Trilogy, a local Tat/Pierce shop, and get my eyebrow pierced. I'm a bit of a nancy-boy, especially when it comes to the matter of needles, especially those entering my being, but I've gotta say, feeling that bar go through my flesh is an amazing and indescribable feeling. There's the nervous tension as you scrunch up, every muscle in your being tensing up in preparation for the inevitable puncture, then the visceral release as the (...)

Everyone needs to see this. It's a small dragon figure made by cutting out and folding a simple piece of paper. The scary thing is that the paper dragon actually moves its head to look at you as you walk around it!

Watch the video and when you think it's a fake (which is what you will think) download the dragon (...)

1. Cool co-workers who do the right thing, just because it is the right thing to do...

2. Bosses with a sense of humour who can laugh at themselves.

3. Mac and cheese with Neufchatel, Jack, and Parmesan cheese... and a hint of mustard. Moosewood. Nuff said.

4. People who smile alot.

5. Lapcats and lapdogs...no, no, no... don't go there. ;P

6. Chocolate-covered coffee beans and mango lemonade.

7. A sunny day.

8. A good book.

9. 33 days of mantra practice.

10. A nice warm (...)

In a life marked by steep rises and precipitous falls, I have often sought redemption.
Nothing’s harder than trying to move on after a bad start somewhere, especially when you know you deserve better. But sometimes, just when life seems empty, many people find that you actually do deserve this.
I feel that this is what has happened to me in netalive, and am not complaining as it's, for the most part, my fault. Well, at least (...)

This is my first post in the "What Rules" category.. actually, it's my first post in any category. So, bear with me if the article is a little not-so-great.. ha ha! There's a lot of talent that I am going up against..

Well, about three years ago, my mom made the announcememnt that my family would be moving. Not out of the city, but to a complete different side of the city. That meant a new school for me, and a new neighborhood for all of us. This new neighborhood was completely different (...)

I was looking up the word sulphur...when I came across 'sulphur butterflies'...

They are medium-sized butterflies that make their appearance in early spring, and do a specific kind of mating dance. The female and male (always) spiral-dance upward into the air, and the female ascends higher and higher, until the male drops like a plane loosing altitude to the ground. The female descends much more slowly, catching various air currents...so as to give the male time to find another mate (...)

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