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Being that I am not at the legal age to gamble I believe that I have an intelligence, wisdom, or thought process that is different from my pop culture addicted peers, I felt like a Zebra amidst a world of Impalas until I found a post between two men around my age about pop culture politics. After reading this post I was amazed at their level of intelligence, open-mindedness to each others views, and the fact that they even pay attention to something other than Britney's revealing (...)

I'm uber excited about an upcoming academic adventure. A study abroad trip to Russia I'll be going on this summer with the head of the Art History department (and subsequencially the man that's going to be my advisor through at the least my master's degree). The deposits on the trip were made last Monday, and now I'm down to getting the rest of the money to pay for the trip and course fees. Granted, I'll be doing at least the fees via an emergancy loan from the schools financial aid (...)

Last week, I got to drive a plow truck.

For those of you not from regions that get heaps and heaps of snow, a plow truck is just a regular four-wheel-drive truck with a hydraulic plow attached to the front. From inside the truck you have an almost joystick-like apparatus which controls how the plow moves: up, down, swivel to the left and right, etc.

As many of my friends could attest, I am somewhat of a girly-girl. But I absolutely love to drive, and this plow truck was like the ultimate (...)

Positive people rules. I can explain why:

1. First is that if you're situation suck right now and you still think positive you're not in depresion.
You can say like this: "I'm in soooo big troble theres no way to solve them!..." And then you think: "Still if my best friend was in the same situation she will be in more trouble than i do now!"

2. You can actually help people by being positive sometimes.
Like you're friend or somebody here who needs help is feeling bad and telling you a (...)

I don't think that anyone would enjoy reading this unless they read what I had put before. ...I hope that it was important enough to read...

After the crash, I had to pay the damages. It will cost me $562 that I will have to pay with what I have been working for all summer. But I have paid it off, and the crash is over.

My coach allowed me to come back to our runs. We had a long talk about my commitment to the team and how I was affecting my fellow teammates. I have been able to start (...)

Well, another year of school has been completed...another year of annoying teachers, and uncomfortable desks is gone. Summer has started, even though technically it's still spring. 2 months of sleeping late, staying up late, and going places. 2 months of meeting new people and going new places. The school year seemed to go by fast, and i'm hoping that the summer won't go by that fast. It seems like every year, the weeks and months fly by me, and i seemed to be stuck on monday when it's friday (...)

Well because I'm collecting swords and already have 4 (2 x Medieval and 2x a katana), I now started to look for armour pieces.

so I bought these cool Gauntlets:


The knives are usually in the gauntlets and you can let them snap out with a secret mechanism (ok I just bought them because they look cool and let you move your fingers)

But then I discovered these things: (...)

Today I felt really proud, guys. And I wasn't proud of myself, but of one of the persons I love the most on this world... My lovable cousin Andrea!

This morning at 9:30 am I was with him and my family in the Aula Magna of Politecnico of Turin. The most important Italian university for engineering. My sweet cousin majored in Telecommunications Engineering right this morning. He got a good score indeed... 108/110. One of the best grades out of the 70 guys who majored with him.

I (...)

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