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I have been gone from NAO for some time. I simply lost interest, because I felt that I was too busy. There are a few who have read my posts who know a little more about that...

Now that I have come back, I have only one thing to say. Thank you for your hospitality. This is a community that brings people of all walks of life, in different places on the globe, with different political mindsets, ages, religions, hobbies, talents, and reasons for being here. Looking back at the people I (...)

It's been 2 months since I made Vancouver my new home. And, I thought that it's time to write something about it.

Vancouver is the third largest city in Canada, and has the mildest temperatures in all of Canada (around 3 deg. Celsius in Winters to around 18 deg. Celsius in summers at the minimum).

Vancouver is surrounded by Sea from 3 sides, and is overlooked by mountains which abruptly rise to >1500 feet. In just over 100 sq. kms, the city houses (...)

When I'm not busy with university, I work my ass off in order to grant myself some long standing wishes of the sort that only fulfill themselves against hard cash.

Because this leaves me little time to read Netalive as much as I like, I sometimes can't help worrying that some asshole might have taken over when I return. Imagine my joy when I come and I find out that not only the house hasn't burned down, it is a place full of wonderful things.

When between all the bustle and clamour I find (...)

Here follows an excerpted conversation between FulinLisa and rosyxxx about how much we love the NAO...


...I do love this website though, down to the colors. It's not really like other message board sites at all. It is as far from the crowds as it states and the people who open their minds here are great too. What do you think?


Yes...yes! The NAO is something else entirely. Everything about it is unlike anything else. The way Jaz set up


The other day an fellow student of mine was going out with a bunch of friends and invited me at the last minute. I was dubious about going, but went anyway. To my surprise? I had a great time. The people were friendly, the food was great, the conversation was lively and engaging, and I never once was made to feel invasive or uncomfortable among all these people I had met for the first time that eveing.

It's times like this that I think I live in a pretty great place. Lately, I've met so (...)

Okay, so I had a going away party yesterday. I'm going to be going away for school, and so my mom invited a bunch of relatives and friends and fellow students over and made my favorite food (lasanga, mom makes the best ever)and it was fun all around.

The unexpected part? They brought presents. o_O My friends the Langs brought me a GBA game to play on the plane (Zelda, for I am a Link addict) and my relatives all brought me cards (many of which had money tucked inside). This just shocked (...)

With it being summer and all i thought this was appropriate.

From ice cream to sex, football to nights out, i know how to enjoy myself, i know what puts a smile on my face. Theres one thing though that despite its simplicity chases away all my stress and gives me the most primitive of delights.

The sun is out, theres not a cloud in the sky. I go in to the garden, sit down with my face facing the sun and feel truly good about myself. The warmth, the light, the radiance that fill every part (...)

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