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Since my graduation from university last year, I've noticed a distinct lack of creativity in myself. I used to go out and do insane things all the time (going sledding down the hill in front of the Religion department on cafeteria trays comes to mind), but now my weekend options seem to be: see a movie, go to a club, go to karaoke. Pretty sad, since I live in the largest (and arguably coolest) city in the world.

So it was with great appreciation today that I spent time with some much (...)

What makes us who we are? What makes us special?

Until i was nine years old i was very much an average Englishman in terms of my own cultural background. My family comes almost entirely from England with the exception of my Grandma on my fathers side who is Scottish. My life took a whole new course, though naturally i didnt know it at the time, when my Dad was introduced to a Chinese ladie one night at a singles club.

My parents had been seperated for 6 years. I was so young at the time i (...)

So, here I am. I've finally got internet in Europe after quite a while without, and a slightly extended duration of internet without access to NAO. I'm currently in Prague after Paris, Bordeaux, Nantes, Madrid, San Sebastian, Pamplona, and Bilbao. I'm heading off to Vienna in two days, then after one day thither, Munich for a few days. This vacation has been unbelievably incredible thus far, including the moments of fear when a drunken comrade disappears or a 'tender asked for identification (...)

This should probrably be in other topics or my journal, but it ruled far too much to not put in this forum.

Last Saturday I got back from my senior trip, which was a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico, Roatan Bay, Honduras, somewhere (never new the name) in Belize, then back to Mexico to visit Cancun, and lastly dock back in Houston, Texas where we left from.

Right after getting on the boat one of the staff members lead the only other girl that went on the trip and myself to our "stateroom"--a (...)

Haha this is hillarious.
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*chuckles* are people really that depressed? i mean come ON people, there are LOTS of things out there that rule.

ice cream, free food, free stuff, trees, pillows, sleep, dancing in the rain, listening to music, making music, watching a good movie, playing games, kicking peoples asses at games, sunsets, sunrises, the beach, the ocean, water, religion, friends, family, love, animals, pets, (...)

(in no particular order)

-Driving a car with all your best friends, windows down, blaring your favorite songs and singing to them in unison.

-Having deep thoughts while staring out a window or airplane during a long ride, then snapping back to reality and realizing how wonderful that was and trying to go back to it because thinking is fun.

-Going to bed with your phone next to you after a long night of being sad b/c of someone (say, a boyfriend who's been ignoring you). Then getting a (...)

A buddy of mine comes into my room today and tells me his old teacher is now famous for building the most advanced robot known to man. Of course I'm hesitant to believe him, he tells a good tale, then he goes on about how the this teacher left the U.S to go work in England. Now the U.S Government wants him back because his research is so far advanced. (this was, supposedly a teacher in my buddies highschool). Anyways... He really doesn't have much proof, except for a (...)

I absolutely love playing in the rain. I love rain, period. It's so soothing and refreshing, and when you splash in puddles the water goes everywhere. When I was little and it used to rain I would go outside with my little umbrella and pretend I was Mary Poppins. Now, I go outside and dance and sing in the rain. I don't care if others see me dancing and jumping into puddles, because playing in the rain is something that I love to do. I guess you could call it a hobby. After it rains it (...)

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