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I just felt like saying, I love it here on NetAlive.Org

To tell you the truth, I was never a forum poster until I found NAO, and NAO kept me around. In less than a month, I'll be celebrating a year of being on NAO.

I just want to say thanks to all the people on here for me to engage in fun debates with (hopefully I'm not making them hate me or anything, I don't hold anything against those with different opinions). I love posting here because I get a logical opposing viewpoint (much (...)

"I think I should speak now
(Why won't you talk to me?)
But I can't seem to speak now
(You never talk to me!)
The words won't come out right"
-Pink Floyd

After a long few weeks I've come to realize that silence is really nice. I spend all day at school and then at track practice and then I go home. Extraneous noise all around. I've spent days without talking. Nobody else ever seems to. I wake up at 6:30 to go to class and then it is filled with a bunch of yahoos (...)

Poster A: <Poor April fools joke, obvious to anyone paying attention>


I mean, no shit Moron B. Of the whole Internet population of five hundered trillion people every single person got the joke at first sight, but you were the only one who felt compelled to set out and let us all know about it. Seek help.

Why can't they just switch off the Internet for (...)

When i stand in the rain i feel free. A sence of liveliness runs through my body. The droplets of rain look so smooth as they fall. Standing in the rain feels like i'm standing in another world. A peaceful world in which the thunder and lighting are my friends. But what's the best of all is when the rain is gone and everything is wet. The drops that had fallen sparkle on the grass and trees. Everything looks so perfect, it doesn't even seem real. When the rainbow appears i realize this is (...)

In art class, we were drawing fruit as we saw it in an arrangement on a table. I was finished with mine and I had begun to paint it. My art teacher said it was very nice, and that was enough for me because all I want is a decent grade in there...but little miss "I'm in Art 4 because I have nothing better to do with my time" strolled over to me promptly after my art teacher said that and said to me, "There aren't enough ruffles in the sheet." Now, a normal person would have just nodded and let (...)

I seem to enjoy things that occur in nature, such as thunderstorms. A severe one just swept on by, and I enjoyed it; ever since winter started, no thunderstorms visited my area (naturally.. but snow wasn't around much either!)

The sound of thunder and the sight of lightning flashing around the sky is just enjoyable to me. Hail is nice, too, except when it does damage. I also find the sound of rain to be quite pleasant, it helps me to relax.

My dad and I stood in the garage watching the (...)

Do you remember my my post about our cat who was kidnapped on Christmas Eve? Today my sister told me that the police had raided the house he was confined in for the last three months. He is now free to rock and roll under the loving care of his new foster family.



I'm totally serious, so hear me out.

Greatest sport on earth. Most fun to watch, most fun to play, and unlike other sports, you aren't constantly hearing about players or former players doing drugs, taking steroids, driving drunk, beating up their wives and such.

Why does it seem like people outside of Canada (where i live) only seem to talk about hockey when they're talking about how bad it is? Why does someone have to lose control and hurt someone before the media pays (...)

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