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I can't quite describe how much I love Latin. There are so many great things about it; for instance, it's consistent, as apposed to stupid, stupid English which is now giving way to the idiocy of "I wish I was" as apposed to "I wish I were". It's more concise than English as well, in that one word (we'll say, amo) can mean I love, I do love, and I am loving. Amo latinum...I am loving Latin. The sad thing about it is that no one can be fluent in it since it is indeed a dead language...(it was (...)

Has anyone here done Iaido or Kendo? Or even handled a Katana sword? Does anyone actually know what they mean? Im sorry if I come off a bit weird or the fact that I'll probably only post about martial arts and anime/manga makes me weird ^.^ I just think that Iaido rocks and is something I'd like to do myself but my parents dont agree to let me do something where I can learn how to wield a sword so I was wondering and sorta hoping that I could get some feed back from people who would have an (...)

Having returned from a trip without an internet connection, I have come to a realization. I missed the most depressing holiday of them all, Valentines, and I am overjoyed. Sure, not all people hold the same opinion of Valnetines day, but those are, of course, the people who benifit from it. From recieving candy from special someones, to big elaborite dates and stunts you see in romantic movies. Seing as how I am not a recipiant of such (which is actually understandible, being a guy) and not a (...)

I've decided that life rules. Generally speaking, life rules. A lot of terrible things have happened to me recently, and I've come to appreciate the fact that I'm alive. I've learned that death is inevitable but suicide is stupid. There are many injustices in the world, but I'm happy that I get to experience them. I can't imagine not being alive, and I treasure every terrible thing that happens for the sheer fact that it CAN happen; for the fact that we can experience both dreadful and (...)

I'm beginning to fall in love with the layout of my house for one reason: the two windows in my room open onto the roof. I can climb out the window up onto the roof and just sit there for hours if I want to, staring at the stars or reading or doing whatever I want. It's especially good on those nights where I just can't focus on the crap I've got; I can just climb up there, take five minutes to breathe, and relax for a bit.

No need for aluminium foilage, balcony misters and 2200 watt of cooling power. No need to keep the shutters shut all day or retreat to the cellar. No need to wait for almost-dusk to go outside. Much simpler: rain!

Not one of these fake rains either torturing with the prospect of refreshment and then only lasting for two minutes and being warm like - well...
Real rain.

I wonder how soon I will cry for the sun :-)

This is probably the most random post you'll have to put up with from me, but I felt it deserves to be put out here. I love caffeine, and I can't help it. Coffee, hot tea, iced tea, Red Bull, Bawls, and everything. I've decided that caffeine is assuredly an addictive substance, but I love it all the same. The world we live in now has such an open forum for ideas that anything can be made; caffeinated mints, caffeinated gum, extra-caffeinated coffee beans, even caffeinated soap. Don't believe (...)

I sometimes wish I lived in medieval times.

Bartaring is a great method of purchase, and can also be quite exciting. I go to a car boot sale (us translate: yard sale, but in a great huge car park with lots of 'yards' out of your car trunk) every sunday, and get so much useful stuff for cheap it's untrue.

OK, there's some stuff that I buy just for the sakes of it, but there's some stuff which is really neat. Take, for example, my evolution mk-101 midi controller/keyboard, worth 150 in its (...)

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