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A friend of mine jobs as a tech worker for our university. Last week we discovered that we had access to a fat Sony beamer which we could hook up to the computers in the staff room.

Haul over a sofa, provide some cool beer and turn the beamer so it faces a large, white wall. Et voilą - instant private cinema!

As an added benefit our university was errected in the South of the city (read: (...)

Just found the Page www.villiansupply.com and it rules

finally, villians like me can order all the need for world-domination/-destruction simply over the internet

I'm in love with the explosive collar, to make henchmans obey you, could be usefull for parents *muahaha*

now bow before me, world >;-D

cya Magic

P.s. Ok this site is a joke, so if you want a real rocket base as secret lair, go to http://www.missilebases.com/ ;-D

Hello world! Sorry for not having paid a visit for ages, I thought it too hot and stressy to sit at the computer.. But here I am back!

Today I visited a friend's flat share where one room will be free from August on. This room is only very small (10 1/2 m²), still I consider maybe moving there for several reasons:

1) it would be much cheaper than my current 15m² room
2) I don't like my current flat mate too much; in the new appartment I could live together with my (not too close yet) (...)

How can any sane person NOT love the Simpsons? How it is possible is completely beyond me. there is something for everyone there.

i know all of their songs off by heart, my favourites being:
1) See My Vest
2) Dr Zaius; the planet of the apes musical
3) The stonecutter theme
4) The Garbage Man Can
5) We put the spring in Springfield

there many more ( who needs the kiwk-e-mart, the monorail song, i am evil homer, a boozehound named barney, flaming moe's...) i could go n for hours but i will (...)

If anyone has ever read 14,000 things to be Happy About, you know where I'm going with this.

The purpose of this topic, I hope, is for people to post any trivial thing that they enjoy, things that may seem strange or things that are common that people just take simple pleasure from.

My List (for a start)
1. chocolat covered straberries (with warm melted chocolate)
2. Camping in the mountains
3. rainy days when the rain taps on your windows and roof
4. the crackle (...)

Hi everybody.i have some good news.
i had a great day today.first my boss gave me a contract wich means that i am now permenantly employed @ the company.

second,the receptionist i was talking about (the one who does not like me)she found a new job so now i have taken her job.

and last but not least...........................

yes i am going to have a baby.
we don't know if it's a boy or girl yet but i will let u know as soon as i know.

and thats all

There is a most delicious strawberry field in my town, and it's right in front of my door mat. Naturally we had to pay it a visit the week it opened business.

If you've never been to a strawberry field, here is how it works in Germany: Everyone brings their own buckets and bowls to the field. Jars are being weighed so you don't have to pay for the weight of your own bowl later.

Now you may throw yourself into the battle: Endless rows of strawberry bushes, hanging full of these sweet, juicy (...)

Ever since my e-mail provider turned on their spam filters last week, e-mail has adopted a whole new meaning for me.

When it now says "4 new messages" in the morning, I know these four messages are actually directed to me! I can't even beginn to express the joy this is giving me.

I gave up on e-mail years ago, when my inbox started to attracted 30+ unsolicited messages every day. Now I have it back. I completely forgot what it was like to have it.

PS.: I find it (...)

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