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I dont know how it is for you all, but since I know just a few of you in person I created a kinda picture of everyone before my eyes when I write a post and talk to a specific person. Of course its connected to the avatars everybody's using, but most of it is made just by the feel I got from previous posts I read of that particular person.

Usually it happened while thinking about Frank I had an impression of a Rambo-like guy, with bullet belts crossing on his chests, black strips painted (...)

Sorry, Null, that I imitate a subject of yours here..

but I just have to...

Thank you, Jaz for being so wonderful!

Against my known-as-introvert attitude I just have to share this joy and pleasure.

Despite some half-fights and (pseudo-)fights our vacation was soooo great and I enjoyed being together with and close to you for a longer time and it might even have been a test for us maybe moving together one day..?

I want to say thanks for:

not breaking the car

nor even a jar

(i (...)

This morning was just awful. When my sister woke me up by jumping around nerve-rackingly in the room next to mine, I was having a hangover from last night and in my head was still this bad dream about a former good friend of mine who I started to neglect and ignore right after finishing my ĎAbiturí, and this dreamís leftovers turned into a bad conscience since Iíve really treated this friend like that. As soon as my Mum noticed I was awake she invaded my room informing me about the pleasant (...)

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