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Gonna move to zurich this or next week (date isn't really fixed), and haven't got any pictures of it, but still, I'm too excited to not post about it.
Instead of driving 1.5 hours by bus and train to my university, I'll be able to reach it with a 700 metres walk. Finally all the sleep I could possibly want :) (ok I'd like to sleep till 12 o'clock but it's a good compromise ;) ).

Mhhm having my own bathroom, my own kitchen, my own everything, just HAS to rule ^^ (even though it's only 30 m^2, (...)

Nicole Kidman - 37
Cindy Crawford - just turned 40!
Halle Berry - 39
Jennifer Aniston -37
Kylie Minogue - 37
Cynthia Nixon -39
Sarah Jessica Parker - 40
Kristen Davis (the brunette from 'Sex and the City') - 40
Then there's........
Demi Moore - 42

Sorry, but I love that!!!!!!!!!!

I'm bisexual, and I love to talk about these issues. I know a bunch of people are like "I don't care if you're straight or not, so shut up" but we don't give a damn.

It is the best thing to have a gay pride bumper sticker. Or to read one and wait by that car in the parking lot for whoever owns it to come out and you give them a hug.

Or like, the rainbow belts. Or keychains. I love it all.

They never make any bisexual pride stuff though. That annoys (...)

Lately a question about something with IKEA arose with me. I decided to write an e-mail to them today because we'll about to get there on saturday. Browsing the site I glimpsed a new service item: A chat that is open from 8.30 to 12.00 am. I thought: How cool, I will try it and it really convinced me. By opening the chat window, the name and a picture of "my" carer were viewed on top. I wrote and some time later I got the answer I was looking for. It seemed as Andrea, the carer, was very well (...)

I am talking, of course, about Lego.

Originally only used by children for playing around with (and lets face it, who doesnt have happy childhood memories of Lego?), its now morphed into, among other things, powerful tools and intricate models.

A Rubiks Cube Solver.

A Harpsichord.

A three by one by one and a half feet model of the Matrix's (...)

Once in a while, people really surprise me.

I tend to not have the most positive attitude about the human race. We do some pretty horrible stuff, most of it directly to each other, as if life is a competition to screw over the other guy.

But recently I have been quite impressed by something that I've been seeing at work.

As some of you already know, I work for a company that creates language-immersion summer camps; kids come for 1, 2 or 4 weeks every summer to be completely and totally (...)

I've been working on this bar since school began this fall in my apartment. I collected a bunch of wood from old dorm lofts and built myself a lofted couch and the frame for this bar. This is the pile of wood that I started out with.


I got myself a large particle board for the top (it was cheapest) and a sheet of poly-carb (I think that's what I used, can't (...)

- when you find yourself smiling as your walking on home.

- Lying in bed (with him), sprawled between the sheets for hours on end just listening to music.

- When I ask him to get an onion and he picks up a garlic.

- When you wake up in the morning and there is something heavy lying down on your chest.

- When he enjoys shopping as much as you do.

- When you've pulled an all nighter, and come dressed like a slob with your hair all messy, he still thinks your the most beautiful girl. (...)

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