Rating and ranks

Each user has a rank, indicated by one to three colored stars attached to his or her user name. New users begin their Netalive.org career with one red star, which (among other things) limits them to a daily maximum of two posts. As you continue to contribute good and insightful posts to the forum, you will move up the ranks very quickly.

Your rank is determined by how other users are rating your posts. On the other hand, you have to power to increase and decrease the ranks of other users by rating their posts.

As soon as a minimum of two users have rated a post, its average rating is represented by a small percent value behind the subject. An Excellent rating will bring 100%, Nice 60%, Mediocre 40% and Spam / Flamebait 0% into the equation. A gray number following the percent value will indicate the number of raters.

How to rate

You probably already noticed boxes reading Rate this post ... on the footer bar of every newer post in the forums. Clicking on these boxes will reveal four options of rating posts: Excellent, Nice, Moderate and Spam / Flamebait. You should carefully make a fair pick among them, following these rating guidelines:

  • Rating a post as Excellent will heavily help ranking up the respective postís author and should be reserved for extremely good contributions.

  • Rating a post as Nice will also help ranking up a user, although not as much as choosing Excellent. Rate a post as Nice if you believe it is good reading, just not something very special.

  • Voting for Mediocre will give the authorís rank a tiny push downwards. Rate a post as Mediocre if you believe that people short of time may as well skip this post because it is not really worth reading.

  • Finally you have the Spam / Flamebait option, which will heavily help ranking down the postís author. This rating should be reserved for real cases of abusive or extremely impolite and aggressive posts.

Your ratings of other posts will be weighted depending on your rank and a couple of other factors in order to prevent abuse and ensure fairness.

Things to remember

One thing you should always keep in mind is to never rate down a post because you disagree with the author!

You should always rate content of a post, never the authorís opinion. This community considers itself mature enough to respect a different opinion, regardless of whether or not it agrees with our personal points of view.

Also do not rate a post that you don't understand.

Best topics

The best-rated topics will appear in the corresponding forumís Best only page. However, only the best of the best will make it to the Best of forums section on the very first page of Netalive.org.

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