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.. I'm still around.

So who is, too?

Much happening elsewhere *points towards AlltagsGrauen*

.. and maybe Twatter ^_^

And of corpse, my shows are still running:

#1: Black'N'Deather, still Thursday, but 2:30 - 7 pm EST, still at Brutal Existence Radio. Mostly Black Metal + related though.

#2: Rumbustion, bi-weekly, Friday, 20:30 - approx 23 o'clock CET = 2:30 - 5pm EST, but open (...)

Hindsight is an amazing thing. It would be lovely to be able to bottle it and send it to yourself at the right time in the past so that different choice could be made.

While it's true that those different choices could be made anyway, it's usually at a point of the wrong emotions and the wrong time that decisions get made that come with lots of clean up. Unless your a lucky individual who can take any pending disaster and defy everything.

Even gravity.

I really want to believe that this (...)

Hope everyone is doing okay here. Something strange happened with me today - I was playing an online game (8-ball multiplayer on Miniclip) and the computer put me against a person named "null". The 2nd person the computer randomly picked against me was named "martin". And, naturally I got reminded of NAO, so decided to drop by. Also, it felt like we have gone this road before - kind of a Deja Vu.

It looks like it's all a dead place now. People who have spent years of their lives on this (...)

I did something this morning that I don't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing.

I had talked to my daughter last week asking if the need arose would they let me stay for a couple of days. She was clear that there was to be no smoking even in the yard...why would she think that I would do that?

I respect their wishes when it comes to things like that and then I called a few days later to clarify the question. Her answer to the question was no that even if the need arose I was not (...)

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