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Headaches suck.

Today in English Mr. Reed made the entire class basically stare at eachother and what not. It was weird. He has a weird way of teaching things. He's great, though.

One of the reasons why I think Bush is an idiot...

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He contradicts himself and doesn't listen the words coming out of his mouth.

Lately Bush has been trying to give the United Arab Emirates some of our ports. The UAE is known for it being, basically, a base for terrorism. The #1 he is all about stopping.

And nothing else. Everyone, from both major parties, is suddenly realizing he is stupid.

He regularly preaches about how we need to stop relying on foreign oil and other things, and start depending on ourselves. Then he goes out and blindly tries to give the "enemy" direct access into our country.

Now I am not saying IN ANY WAY that any country in the Middle East/Arabian Area is directly labeled as our enemy. I respect them. They are beautiful, cultured people. But our president's plan is to bomb the helloutta them, so they are our supposed "enemy".

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