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Don't think you have power over me

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I apologise to most people on NAO, but I have to respond to a cryptic message with another.

Do not believe you have power over me. I assure whatever you think you have on me, your wrong. I advise you to think carefully before acting further. If you are who I believe you to be, then compare records. You'll find mine to be spotless and surprise surprise, people generally like me and accept what I say as the truth. I have no reason to lie. Nothing to gain from it.

For now I will take this no further. However if you make another personal threat towards me (I will not act on behalf of others) I will retaliate.

And a word from the wise to you, publishing on the internet is not a wise idea when you wish to gain power over someone. Nor is insinuating you would be happy if someone were to commit suicide.

Feel free to approach me,


Sentimental thoughts about nao and change etc...

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I was reading hawkeyes post about his return as well as andromahca's. It seemed like it was a big thing?? And they'd returned after being gone for a few months. And before that they were pretty heavy nao users? I hope i have that down right as other wise the rest of my post is pretty irrelevant.

Anyway, it got me thinking about how much has changed here in the brief amount of time that i've been here.

When jeanette introduced me to this site, i was enthusiastic about it. I barely knew jeanette so it seemed like a chance for me to say whatever i felt.

Then our southern hemisphere friends joined and the invasion started. Lemonyeyes, refugee888, dan13, markus_carkus.

It's good to see lemonyeyes stuck around even if the rest didn't. I guess everyone sort of saw jeanette and my flamewar. Apologies to all. I wasn't really thinking about it annoying everyone else, it was more of a spur of the moment rant. Next time, will confine these things to email. So that's my shmumbly apology to all.

But yes, my point is, people come and go here. Even if you've never met people, you can still offend them and cause them to leave, or whatever it was that happened. You think you're safe, but no. So if i've unwittingly offended anyone i'm really sorry. I tend to just type/talk/act without thinking. Sometime's you forget that it's a person making the posts.

In the few months i've noticed people's personalities more and more. If i look at a post without looking at whose written it, i'm getting better at shortlisting possible authors.

You guys have broadened my mind. You given me different view points about things i may never have thought of. For this i thank everyone.

School starts monday, so i will post less often. I've made a resolution that i will try this year. I think i could do well i did. I haven't really tried at anything for years now so i think i think it's time to give it a go again.

Be warned, just because i don't post doesn't mean i don't read...You hear me nette??? :P

so that's my summing up of thoughts.

With love
-mel :)

The strange working's of my mind...

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I've realised just how strange i am.

Most people would do relativly normal things on their holidays would they not?

And what have i done? Good god. I'm not sure if i'll remember everything but i shall try

the first few days you know.

Basically, cheapo shopping with jeanette, work in my bogan book shop, take 112 photos of myself and a friend running around the garden as faeries, chinese princesses, potpurri eating somethings, etc. Watched freaky movies with freaky friends.

Oher realtively normal things for a 15 year old female aussie to do. However the normality ends there.

Come to think of it, the faerie thing wasn't overly normal either. But yes. My other activities included my ownn karaoke day. That's right, me and 10 other's set up my dad's microphone and sang along to 80's hits, classic rock and disco stuff. As well as grease, les mis, and various disney songs. Actually me and a friend did a very ummmm, interesting duet of aladdin's "a whole new world". Has anybody heard any forbidden broadway? Listen to it. Funny stuff.

Yes i also went op shopping twice. Books, a cool hippy skirt.

Tomorrow i am rehearsing for my drama performance. For a surprise, i'm playing the bitchy, slutty, goth.

Costume is quite alarming. If i can be bothered posting photoes i will at a later date.

So i've been readng up on the bible's more satanic stufff and various plays to recite.

I have to go now. I have been summoned for dinner


What to do, what to say, what to feel...Etc

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for the past week and a half i've been on school holidays. yay, i guess...

as much as I enjoy being away from school, i've realised just how much I miss it.

For me I have virtually no way to express myself. by coming on NAO this is the first time i've ever tried. and i'm noticing myself slipping away from it all, just sitting abck and reading about everyone else's lives.

i need a way to express myself. words just can't do it, there isn't always a word to do it for you.

i dont draw, i dont write, music doesn't work for me either.

but I think i've found a way. Drama. I didn't realise how much I miss it. The chance to step outside your life and be someone else, just for hour. that hour leaves me content enough for a few days until my next drama class.

i can't wait until I go on drama tour. for me it will be a two week retreat. I'll probably be extremely antisocial to prevent myself from killing two or three people but generally i like everyone there.

I am playing Titania in A Midsummer Night's Dream. for me, this an extremely hard role. i am nothing like that. well I do the bitchy thing at the start well,but other than that, I don't flirt or crack onto guys.

for me, that's just setting myself up for disaster. you're listening to the girl voted most likely in her class "to never have a boyfriend, or even a girlfriend". hmmmm, worrisome eh? :P

anyway, even though i suck at acting my teacher still gave me a role. i guess the fact that i understand shakespeare whilst only four others in the cast do may have had a teensy bit to do with it but still. she trusted me enough to give me this role, and all i've done is complain about how much I suck.

So i've made a resolution. even though i suck i enjoy it. i'm going to keep going and try. i've never really tried because i've always assumed i'll get dodgy roles. what have i got to lose. if it can make me that happy when i don't try...i wonder what i'll feel like when i do?

just my thoughts...if i write them down i'm obligated to go through with them.



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Excuse the language but I'm feeling more than slightly pissed off here. I just found out one of my Best Frends is moving to China for three years.

She's leaving me!!!

won't mention names because only a few people know and if lemonyeyes and refugee888 knew, the whole world would within ten minutes!

i've been really good friends with this girl for five years. And now she's going.

my dad told me and i started crying! I'll miss her so much.

I can't believe sh'es actually going. Her Mum got a promotion so the whole family is moving up to China. Beijing. I'd never go. i'd tell my parents to piss off! I'll stay at home!

I guess i understand though, everything is much cheaper in China. about 9 Kuai to the american dollar. and her mums company is paying for their schooling which for this girl and her brother is 20,000 AUD a year. one of the most expensive schools in victoria.

I dunno. I guess i'll get over it eventually but still...


-mel :(

PS - jeez..i never noticed how much my typing and grammar suck when i'm pissed off!

Glorious Coke

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No, I am not being paid by Coke to do product placement all over the internet.

I have a completely true story about how Coke saved my life, well, my hair anyway :P

i was walking home from work as my parents were at Federation Square (a place in the city which our wonderful government felt the need to spend millions of dollars on. It is some sort of building on an "artistic"angle which in my opinion is one of the ugliest places I have ever seen)

So as I was walking peacefully along, minding my own business, shock, horror! I feel something land on my head squawking and clawing at the back of my head.

Well being me, i reflexivly did what any sensible person would NOT have done, i wacked it with my coke bottle! It flew away after doing no damage to me whatsoever!

thank god i have thick hair hey?

-mel :P

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