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My ever so unique start to the holidays.

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righto. I haven't written anything of importance or in fact anything which makes remote sense for quite some time now (over a week) so Jeanette has been on my back and I have finally gotten around to this.

okie dokie. I am trying out these writing tips Jaz shared with us and it feels quite strange. I'm one of those people who have always relied on Word to pick up my mistakes.

So here goes. Our school holidays started on Friday. Two weeks and three days away from the Hell Hole we call school. dum Dee Dum. It was Lemonyeyes birthday that day. she tolerated us yelling out "Happy Birthday!!!!" in credibly loudly but was generally embarrased (I know, I didn't think it was possible either, but there you go!)

we were planning to take her shopping so she could choose a present she would actually like as opposed to me grabbing something I would like in the hopes she would like. but lemonyeyes was tired and wanted to go home to sleep and admire the sacred coffee bean. :)

So I took Jeanette shopping for her birthday which was ages ago!! we went to Brandon Park shopping centre, which is the cheapest, most pov. place around with the exception of op shops. dum dee dum, i work at brandon park!!! so anyway, cheap, so Jeanette and I felt right at home! I think Jeanette spent about $100 australian dollars...I was still doing ok with $45!!

i got an awesome black coat (yes another one!! no i'm not a goth!! i just happen to like black..flattering colour hey girls? and guys...not trying to stereotype...Yes well, so far i have failed one of Jaz's hints miserably. i wonder how many of those "..."'s i have used. Oh well. Too bad!

so yes, we got cool stuff. then i had to work, so Jeanette kept me company while i "worked". i sent her to buy me food..well thats what friends are for. we had just completed that when who should show up but Markus_Carkus and Dan13...with more food! we gave most of this to Carkus who was hungry doubt as he was waiting for Terriyaki Ali Day. (never mind)

we then went back to Dan13 and my house whilst we waited for JEanette to be picked up and had an xample of the delights of her jazz flute playing. it sounds awesome nette...keep going.

yes so, nette left, carkus stayed over. i got up saturday around midday, went to work at one. another friend of Jeanettes and mine came to visit me at work, kathryn, we've probably mentioned her at some stage.

yes so, she came and vistied me at work to check out our infamous $4.75 classics wall. i sent her for food (are we noting a pattern here??). i then learnt a very different side of the girl i wrok with, she's 20, 5 years my senior, she's always seemed very sweet and innocent. vegetarian. member of amnesty international, went through the catholic schooling system...etc. very moral. we were then discussing how it may not be intelligent for someone my age to be present at an eighteenth birthday. (everyone doing the "ha! shes only 15, lets get her drunk!!" thing) when she was saying how she'd never had a boyfriend, she just had fuck-buddies. not that i think there is anything wrong with that, but it was different.

so anyway. kathryn came back to my house and we discovered the beauty of a digital camera. we dressed up in various costumes of mine and took 112 photos! mainly of us as faeries running around my garden! and in my tye-dyed mosquio net! yay!

so we completed that and kathryn went home.

on sunday i enjoyed sleep. i then went to a sleep over/wake over at a firends house...with 10 other people. so i then enjoyed not sleep. we watched movies all night! has anyone seen "Life As A House"? It's really good.

do you drive a black lexus?? i mean, we're only talking about six inches right?

heh heh heh, anyone who has seen it will get that, if not, see it then you'll get it!

Ok, i emerged from my sleeping bag on Mezza's floor at some stage. i then met jeanette kathryn joseph ad carkus's sister cathy(legend!!) at the train station to go to the botanical gardens. see Jeanette's post.

well after our disastrous attempt to get to williamstown kathryn and myself headed home.

i then went and saw Chicago for the second time with some friends of mine, penny and Jakki.

tuesday, during the day i did blissful nothing! i think i sat in the bath for three hours!! woopsiedoodles!

in the evening i went to Penny's with Dan13, Jakki and a friend of ours, Di. stayed the night. did the usual, ate food, watched movies, was annoying as hell to those trying to sleep. :)

today (wednesday) i came home for an hour before heading out to a primary school reunion. in primary school i was the fat ugly girl who everyone hated and thought was really stupid. i had massive fights and left one year early. had a couple of big issues i wanted answers about so decided i would settle for being intelligently bitchy to them.

my plan was ot rock up in scary clothing. acheived. and then to scare people as much as possible. not acheieved. the people who i wanted to abuse weren't there so I decided to enjoy myself! yay!

i then went DVD shopping, two karaoke DVD's and the Cats DVD.

came home. mother on the warpath....

and this is where i am now. babbling on aboutnothing in particular! my father has just come home after hosting the local Sri Lankan community radio station. Oh Dear.

love you all

Someone i know of recently committed suicide.

Im sick of people going oh thats so sad. And when they think im not listening "how gutless"

suicide is the most beautiful thing a person can do. They commit themselves fully to a cause. If the decide they want the afterlife, not his one then whats the f***ing problem.

I think commiting suicide takes more guts then anything else. People say, it ignores the problems...Yada yada. In looking for alibrandi (a really annoying book i read at age 8 which year 10 used to study) a boy commits suicide because he knows all the answers supposedly.

This book has critisised for that point many times. "How could he know all the answers" scoff scoff, etc...How ever its almost correct. He had no more questions he wanted to ask.

Provided you have questions, life is worth living. The minute they leave, so does life.


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dont you think this particular photo of the simpsons cat Snowball II looks like he's in the middle of throwing a furball?

just a thought

-mel :S

Dont bother reading...

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Just wanting to express my joy at having three orange stars!!!


Ive become so hooked to nao...I spend hours here everyday!

So yay!! Hoorah! And whatever other expressions of joy you can think of!


Pointless day..

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Don't you hate days where you can't see the point in anything, being who you are, where you, trying to be anything or anywhere different...Etc

i had one of them yesterday. Iwas having a fantastic day until suddenly it hit me.No particular reason, i was surrounded with friends, doing something i enjoy, i just thought whats the point. And i couldnt answer it.

I still cant, but i dont feel as bad.

The wave has passed. Doo bee doo

nothing more to say


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well, i have a friend who i've been getting really worried about lately. yes jeanette, lemonyeyes and the rest of them know this person so i will not mention names. i shall call this person Bob.

anyway, we are reasonable friends. but i think she gets incredibly lonely sometimes. she is always after attention from anyone, she doesnt care from who.

you can be in the middle of a conversation to her and she'll be waving at someone else. as frustrating as it is to be "friends" like that, im more worried about her.

i think she gets very depressed. sometimes i catch her thinking and her face just says "there's no point in this. there's no point in anything"

she's very intelligent, which makes things worse for her i believe.

i don't think she'd appreciate my talking to her about it, but im getting seriously worried about. i dont think she''s a danger to herself or anything but still. its not right. she shouldnt have to feel like that!

hmmmmmmm, i guess ill try seeing if she's ok, ill keep you posted


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