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A...Long Time

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Well, I haven't been around much. But I don't know, I've been distracted. I've missed you guys a lot, and it seems like every time I say I'm gonna come back and be around and do stuff I get right back to other things.

Long story short, I've had jobs, lost them, lost transportation, given up on any sort of formal education for the time being, and went back home to help out with my folks. Since then I've fallen in love, gotten my heart broke (funny how I never saw either of the two coming), and actually rather enjoyed gaming, and considering getting back to that education thing, with a better grasp on what my major focus of study should be, and what I'd actually like to do with myself for the rest of my life.

I really like the idea of owning a bakery.

How've you guys been? Who all is still around? I'm trying to get caught back up on the forums proper but, that is a lot of reading and it is rather early in the morning.

Downtime to...downtime.

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So, I'm sitting here at my desk waiting for raid invites to go out to Karazhan and I realized that I have a lot of downtime in what I do while I have downtime in teh real world. This might actually constitute as a problem. But anyway, I know there are European WoWers on the sight but what about US? Who are you and what server are you on?


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You know, I've never been particularly good at keeping a journal. Not even when I was a little girl and it was the cool thing to do. However, I logged in here today for the first time in a long, long while and discovered that I've kept a pretty accurate one here. And god, I see for a while there I was kind of a mopey twat.

Heh, well anyway, I suppose if I've got any sort of point I need to get to it now. I logged in and started reading over the stuff I missed in my absense and I started thinking about all the conversations I've been a part of here and even just the ones I've read and I have to say thank you, NAO. You've been good to me, and I'm glad someone pointed me in your direction way back when because I can honestly say that I've spent a rather large part of my time here and being part of the community.

That is all. :-)

Well Shit Guys

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So, I haven't been around much at all. There are many reasons for it, but for the most part it's been World of Warcraft. Heh, I lost my life a couple of a couple of months but thats okay. The other reason I haven't been around much is the Triumvarate I've managed to become a part of. It isn't every day that one ends up with friends nicknamed "Lord Brutal" and "Cancer Girl". There isn't going to be much of meaning to this post but I figured I'd post it anyway.

For the record I still work at that shitty store and I came a hairs breath away from flunking out of university last semester. I'm also going to make an attempt at being around here more.

I really miss you guys.

--Jami "Buddha"

Sometimes I Suck Ass

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Now, I knwo the title of this is a little emo sounding but that isn't the intent. This is a fact, I sometimes suck harder than a Tahitian Crack Whore.

I was at work night before last and we were busy as fuck. I was stuck on register seven. The shitty thing about this register is that it's the first one on the grocery side of our Wal-Mart that isn't a twenty items or less line. This means that every unobservant dumb fuck lines up at it like there isn't another open register in the whole damn store.

I was stuck on the thing for over an hour past the time I was schedualed to go on my break and was feeling a little pissed off. My friend Dj who was sent up at the start of a code three (this means that there are too many people lined up at the checkouts and other associates in the store that know how to use a register are hauled in from their departments to come help) and well, I didn't know it but her lunch was workin' on being fairly late too.

She came up behind me and I thought she was about to start whining about being forced into responding to a code three by Manager Mike (nevermind that her department manager said she didn't want her responding to them because she's the only fucking associate in the toy department). So I turned to her and like a cunt told her, "Whatever you're about to bitch about, I don't want to hear about it. I've been on this register for three hours so whatever it is, it's not as bad."

Turns out all she wanted to mention was that she saw some teenaged girl dressed in Naruto gear and that it was utterly adorible. So, there you have it. I was being a total and utter cunt, and I deserved the talkin' too she doled out when I got back from that break.

I really fucking suck sometimes.


Life is Sweet

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Lately, I've been thinking about my life quite a bit. Mainly because I've been in somewhat of a state of exasperation and irritance at my job and having a lot of things to save up for/buy and having a low income to not really provide enough of what I need to achieve my goals.

However, I have to take a look at where I am in life to gain some perspective. Like, right now I'm sitting in a comfortable chair in a coffee shop typing this on the laptop that my financial aid refund got me (I've noticed for months now that I really needed a new computer, and with how mobile I am now, a laptop was the best way to go), contemplating the cleanliness of my apartment, my GPA, and the fact that I've got a tight circle of friends. What do I really have to complain about?

My job? No, that's not even worth the effort of getting angry. It provides a pay check and soon enough I'll be equiped with skills that will make me more marketable to other fields of work beyond retail. And were that I to lose this one, I could find another job fairly easily. Baring procrastination that is.

Having to pay for a lot of shit? Eh, comes with the department of independant living and going to college. Rent isn't that big of a deal, I have no issues at all making that. I owe my roomate for covering shit her ex-flatmate wanted me to pay, but I can pay her off a little at a time and still be able to put up money for the trip I'm planning to take this summer. So, I won't have a lot of money to blow on worthless shit. This is a good thing in the long run.

My car isn't my first choice in vehicles but the fact of the matter is that it runs. It looks fairly nice, and it is 100% paid for. Besides, with where I now live, a lot of the driving in my life has been completely cut out. Work is the only place I really have to drive to, or the coffee shop, but that isn't so far away as to be taxing on my fuel economy. If it weren't for my tendancy to be here till two or three in the morning I'd probably just walk here.

So there, in a nut shell, is why life is sweet right now. I project that life is gonna stay pretty sweet until at least next year when the lease is up, in which case, I might look for another place with utilities included, and move on over with the roomie. Then again, maybe I'll be so set in the pad I'm in now that leaving would seem ludicrous. One way or another it doesn't matter yet. I've still got till Next August to worry about it.


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