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Think about your worst dream, your actually most horrible dream, and then think about it coming true! That was my exam today. We were told it was a multiple choice test... 4 answers, and you had to figure out which was the correct one.

Well, on the contrary there were 40 questions and you had to fill in the right answer without being helped. 40 questions, and 20 minutes to do it!!! That should mean 30 seconds for each question, right? I was pretty sure about what I was writing though, except for say 10 questions I filled randomly. Being the lucky girl that I am, I should have gotten 2 or 3 right out of those.

And it was even more horrible to raise up my head from my sheets to see all the other people in the room staring at the professors like to say "What the heck is this?!" There were the so called famous quotations and we had to write down the author who wrote them... Basically from 3 words you had to understand who was the darn (hopefully doomed to hell) author who wrote it, and the nice part is that there were 52 authors... From the 1200 to the second half of 1900. It was pretty impossible to get everything correctly. I will kiss the feet of the one who managed to get all the 40 questions correct (and believe me... no one could have done that, considering that those famous quotations belonged mostly to minor works of the the most unknown authors!!!)

Bah... Let's just hope I passed it, I don't care about the grade. Even an 18 will do! Keep your hands crossed for me, guys. Friday I will know the results.

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The story of my life.

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Well, well, well... I have decided to write a sort of short novel or long tale on my life. You wonder who may be interested in my life? Good point. Well, I would say that my life can be resembled to the movie "You've got the mail" (or something similar to that anyway. I don't remember exactly its title in English. The one with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan anyway. I am sure you have understood which one I mean)

I guess that my life can be resembled to the story of a teenager who is pretty ignored by other persons her age. It might be a story at least some of you would feel pretty in touch with. I've made one person read the first 2 pages of it, and he told me it's a nice story, and well written.

I am trying to write it in English. Useless to say it, but it is damn hard to write such a thing in a language which is different from the one you commonly speak. I know that I speak English pretty well (and, Hawkeye, if you try to say the opposite thing... well... this summer... got what I mean, right?)

German III: the revenge, and a little question

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Today I had one of the last lessons of German language of the whole semester. Whoohoo!!! We've been losing two hours naming objects which are common in many places, like Büro, Küche, Bauernhof und so weiter. Bah!! She didn't think about explaining grammar rules... Noo... she was more interested in wondering if we know how to say dustbin in German!

I mean, not that it doesn't matter at all, but since we're going to be tested mostly on grammar rules, and that we're supposed to know German grammar perfectly within 3 months or so, it would be better if we dedicated more hours to grammar reviews and so on. I guess that you can study your vocabolary much more comfortably at home.

Also, she's been talking about the new reform on German language, but you think we've understood what she was talking about? The only thing I got is that now you have to put ss instead of the beta letter (sorry German guys, I know it has its proper name in German, but I have really no idea about how to spell it :P). She also said that we're not supposed to change the beta into ss always, but she didn't mention which are the cases we're supposed to do that. Anyone can help me, please?

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So far so good

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After my good share of trouble with a couple of things concerning not only school, but my private life as well, I can fortunately say that no harm has been done! I have finished studying stuff for one of my three exams, but I am still pretty worried about the other two.

Yesterday I wanted to go to the movies to watch... err... Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets, but when I got there all the seats were taken off already...
My two friends and I went to Burger King to eat something, and by 8:10 I was already back home. Nice evening, eh?

At the moment there is a guy who is keeping sending me SMS on the cell phone, because he wants to see me. He's come here in Turin from Aosta (it's near the border with France). He sent me an SMS this morning to ask me if I wanted to go out with him, but I said that I have to study (which is partially true) and a boyfriend as well (and that is definitely true!). So he said that he would just meet me as a friend and so forth.
Now he's sent the hopefully last message. I am sorry for him, because I didn't want him to come here. I also told him though, so I guess it's not my fault at all.

The only thing I'd say at the moment is Cazzi suoi! And, no. I won't translate that one for you all ;)

The wonderful news of the day.

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Well well well... my German teacher seems to be telling us news in many tranches. Something new comes up everyday, or so it seems.

Wonderful, until yesterday we were told that our German test will be only written. So, we all thought, okay... if they really are willing to fail us all, we can always study very well grammar on our own, do the test and pass it. Yes, maybe with the lowest grade, but still... not a failure.

The great news of the day is that the exam from this year will be divided into two parts. A written one, on grammar, reading comprehensions and so forth, and the other one... ORAL... oh yeah, baby! This way, I will never gonna pass it, and they (not only she, but also the other German teachers, which have other courses, since we're divided into groups according to the letter of our last names) grant us the total failure!
Wonderful news, isn't it?

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German professor stinks!

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Well well well... I had a wonderful day today at university. Woke up early to study Italian literature for my exam, gone to university to attend only two hours of German language and to my and my mates'pleasure... The teacher today announced that it will be useless that we try to take her exam in June, because she is going to give us 6.0 She said that it will be extremely difficult considering the things we've been studying until now, and that it is better if we study it during the summer and take it in September!

How I hate that woman!! Heck, if it is going to be so complex, why doesn't she actually teaches grammar rules instead of coming to classes with her copy of "Die Zeit" and making us read and interpret it.
Today she pretended to teach about starke Verben and schwache Verben, but what she actually did was "okay, guys, take your book and read from page x to page y". And then she obviously asked ME to make examples. Bah.. this is not the correct way to teach a language! I am so mad!!!

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