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A rainy day

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The word more suitable to today is depression! There is this horrible rainy day, and right now it feels like it is 9 pm over here. On the contrary, it is only 4 pm.
I know I should start studying for my exams, but I really am all but willing to do that. How can I think about my studies and everything when my mind is all concentrated on my Neil?

I miss him so much, and he left just yesterday. People say that as time passes the pain eases down. I do hope it is like that, but I can't wait to have him back in my arms again! At least, I hope that these holidays will end soon. I know I am pretty egoistic, but the end of the holidays will mean Neil to come back to college, and we will have the chance to get back to talk together almost everyday.

Well, I don't want to give you the impression that I am a bored and always depressed girl. I have my ups and downs you know. This is just one of the downs, but I am sure going to get back to my senses :)

In the meanwhile, I want to thank our good Jaz for putting up such a corner in Nao. At least I can post my own very personal feelings somewhere, and I know that the closest ones will help me cheering up whenever they get to read my posts and think I am too depressed.
This journal is useful under many point of views, and the one I just told is my personal opinion. I am sure that other guys (like Sifar) will love this corner because it is the right spot to post their poems or whatsoever they like :)

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Alone again

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So... I just came back home from the airport. My sweet love just left, and I guess that by this time he will be flying over the Alps... Soon he will be back home again, but I will never forget all the beautiful things we've made together.

I think that this Christmas will be unforgettable, because it has been the most special I've ever had.
This summer I will be there with him. I can't wait!!!

PS. Sweety, I checked under the pillow. That was sweet :-)


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Hello everybody!
I just wanted to tell you that both Neil and I are fine. Man, I love him so much. The only thing I feel like saying today is that he is just so great, and I am evil. I've just been mean to him without reason.

I am gonna try to fix this thing as soon as possible though.

Classes canceled out!!! :)

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Woohoo! Today the whole Italy was without transport services because of a strike! That means that my classes were all canceled out. Man, that is great! I've had the chance to stay home, and study :)

Later, I will go out and hang around with a couple of friends.. We're gonna celebrate Neil's coming :)
Tomorrow is going to be the best day of my life!!! I really can't wait, guys, and both Neil and I do want us to share this moment with us.

I hope that you all out there can have a wonderful Christmas holidays, and be as happy as Neil and I are going to be :)

Not a particular day

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As you probably have read in Hawkeye's post, he's coming here in two days. So you must think I am getting excited about his coming and everything.
Well, undoubtedly yes. I am excited indeed!

My days are generally all boring, and all the same... Going to university, attending my boring classes, having lunch at a bar where the barman hits on every girl coming his way (and that's sometimes pretty annoying), getting to my last classes, and finally going back home.
Yeah, but when I am home, I have to think about studying :(

I think that Neil will bring a wonderful change in my life :)
As for today... there is nothing which is worth for you to read. Just the few of you who woke up pretty early might be envious as I woke up at 12:10!!! :P

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