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Just some personal update:

first, i never again gonna write SO fucking HUGE personal and private information on here as I did before under some other circumstances, as I found out it partly worked out bad (or to (almost) quote null: "one cannot have the ultimate forum environment, where you can post any and everything").

second, Göppingen and my study is history - "training" (wrong word thanks to babelfish, "education" would be better) as a so-called "Fachinformatiker, Anwendungsentwicklung (IHK)" is in the work, and a new flat or a "Group house" (babelfish once again, i'm sorry) will be also the next other step, just after i've been gettin clear about the working/edu-situation.

third, and last: so i'm back to Bavaria once again - nice mountains, bad Löwenbräu beer, even worse allergics thanks to Munich and it's very special local weather, my stuff of course movin and my new domain temporarely called AlltagsGrauen.ORG - the domain of the same name but with a .de-TLD gonna move soon over there, too.

those, who know, may be enlightened - and those, who dont, may do some researches.

yours, bG.

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