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Finally done.

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The move is finally over. Former flat etc. is all cleaned up. Keys deposed to my former beloved one. Every chair and stuff completely removed or given over to folks who might find a use for them.

A huge chapter of my life has by now been officially closed.
Now it's time for the next one ;)

cu, w0lf.

Moving done

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By now, I've been living for about a week in Uffenheim, a nice tiny town (approx. 6k inhabitants) located in Middle Franconia (next bigger towns are Ansbach and Würzburg). I'm probably going to stay here for about half a year.

Either this weekend or during next week I gotta clean up and whiten my old flat located in Baden-Wurttemberg. Also gotta put out the rest of stuff that's still inside there ..

.. after that, it's finally done: The only thing that's by then left of my former (great!) relationship with my beloved one will be the stuff we bought / gathered there AND Mr. Nemo aka "Blubbel".

I'm hoping there'll be soon another woman in my life (happy klischee) .. I dont like being alone, and I miss the cuddeling :-/

There's more to this .. gonna write something up soon.

cu, w0lf.

Move it

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Looks like as if the date this saturday for the big shove move is going to happen as planned 8)
My father called me this morning and told me he found a car rental that would be even nearer to my future home town than the other ones we thought about before. After that short talk he called them to finalize the rental day.

Tommorrow will be kinda hell - packaging all and everything that is still NOT packed - which is indeed nearly everything as I havent had THAT much time yet because of the freelancing work :D

But I'm happy this chapter of my life is finally coming to an end.

cu, w0lf.

Moving on ..

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So now it's done: During the next weeks I'm going to move my stuff over to my great-aunt's place, as there's still a flat in her house that's entirely uninhabited, and also the rent is lower - ie. it's for free, I'm only going to pay the additional electricity and water costs that might happen thanks to one more person in the house for the next 2 or so months.

My biggest worries is how my lil tomcat will take this move, and if I might get out under the weekends at all if nobody's there to look after him (my great-aunt is probably not going to do so; she's a bit uneasy with cats).

I'm going to stay there till I have
a) payed of all or at least most of my debts
b) stabilized my freelanceship somewhat

Next step will be looking out for a flat nearby Nürnberg (which is about 40% bigger than Karlsruhe) that is both not too far away from the city but also located not directly nearby a main road so Mr. Nemo is not going to be the next roadkill ..

cu, w0lf.

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For about five days now, my usual sleeping rhythm isnt working anymore. I'm getting about three to four hours of sleep, then I'm widely awake, and getting sleepy again about four to five hours later :-/

I guess it's because there aint anybody there except me (or the bloody cat, but that's a total different story). Me and my beloved one are not together anymore, for about half a year by now. I've been so used to have someone (esp. some I love) sleeping beside me, that I cant sleep properly anymore if not.

Yesterday, I even tried the bloody "lets wank yourself into exhaustion and get sleepy through this" method. Doesnt work properly either.

Once again, I'm awake since about 5 a.m. (gone to sleep at about 2 a.m.). I'm not asking for help. I know my faults. Which are: I aint getting out enough, and: I've got no significant other.

cu, w0lf.

For now ..

# 46188

... it goes up.

A Hard fucking Live.

But I like it ;)

"Probeschaffen" for a new job.
Beloved one there, but "just" for best friend (and some bodily contact, well ..).

I think I gonna make it.
For more news ... just ask or read my blog ;)
Translations on request.

cu, w0lf.

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