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4 Years later

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So, stating the facts: Four years later, my life came to a halt. About decembre 2008, my beloved one decided my "efforts for change" weren't enough. We both also became estranged, thus we decided, there would be no use in stressfully trying to stay together.

Right now, I'm out of the dark swamps, and already working to get into better times ;)

We parted as friends, but our friendship is somewhat more than just this. Explosional kindergarten-style breakups are for children and youngsters - I'm 28, I dont need that. Of course, this would make anything much more easier, but .. who gives a fuck? Its MY life ;)

cu, w0lf.

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Darker times beneath the sky

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Just a short note: There is a dark cloud coming onto us, onto my current relationship with my beloved one. Its staring down on us, saying "I feel its coming to an end".

I neither do like nor want this "coming to an end".

So we shall see if I can change my outside to change my inside.

cu, w0lf.

Yet another new job

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So this is the n-th time I got a new job.

But different from the other ones, its not within a generic internet or multimedia agency.

I've been with them nor for almost a month, traveling forth and back home each week, sleeping at my grandma's site for the 2-3 days I'm there to catch up with all the buzz and fuzz that has been happened during my absence.

My job description is most generic, ie. web developer, but i'm in mostly for the usability (experience) optimization, somewhat spiced up by a few other tasks like internet marketing or short code hacking sessions.

Its like going back to your roots, but just for work time - I'm still regularly living in or nearby Karlsruhe.

There's much more to say about this job and the company I work for, but for now, I've gotta stuff to do, so simply take a look for yourself (German only, sorry):

cu, w0lf.

Decision help

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Just a quick note for those who know me: I'd like to invite you to help me decide which job I gotta choose ;)

That's because I dont wanna do a crapper like I did the last 2 times before.

At my blog you will find a short comparision of each job I am to choose from - if you need further description (and really want to help out) or a translation, just send me a mail.

Thanks in advance,
cu all, w0lf.

Some status update

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Thought I'd give you all somewhat of an update of my current life (yet another one ..):

Job: currently has to be [a=]searched for[/url], once again .. being still into web development. Main topics are usability, accessability, frontend development and (technical) documentation, eg. using wikis or similar stuff for building knowledge bases.

Love: October 2008 will be our fourth anniversary - and still no worries ;)

(rest of) Life: Looks quite bright to me. After getting that bloody job business done its yet another round in re-arranging my / our flat, getting the cat castrated and vaccinated and finally doing some good to my very self, like saving some money for getting my eyes somewhat fixed (first, there was the strangers, next .. nah .. just for buying contact lenses), next on, to change our way of eating to something way more healthy, etc.

BTW: I've moved my blog, not only to yet another design, but also to another, IMNSHO way better blogging software called Habari - all of this is to be found at: - for lotsa fun, unapologetic statements and opions ;)

cu, w0lf.

Yet another change to come

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Dear diary,

right now I'm in the proccess of searching a new job (full-time, permanent). I've been trying to freelance since about September 2007, but by now I've realized I cant make it with the very few vitamin C (as in "Connections") I've got. I also need to improve in self organization, which is the ultimate encounter when being self-employed and working totally on your own. Last but not least I'm not getting along well, the money I earn is - if at all - about 600 Euro per month.

A permanent job offers you a whole other range of possibilities, including definitly better payment while being able to waste away time by trying several other things than your regular "its meant to pay"-job. I've always held up you could learn much more while freelancing, but it's been probably everytime this way because I've always tended to pick out the wrong positions in the wrong companies :-/

I still dont know what my work time is worth in the "full-time permanent" working sector, but I've been offered project enlistments (6+ months) with rates like 50 euro / hour (excluding taxes). If you presume a hourly rate of 20 euro, doing realistically 6 hours of full work (assuming a regular 8 hour day), it'll be 2700 Euro regularly - and if I would work more, like 9 - 10 hours per day, while presumming 8 hours of full work as a given, it'd be 3600 Euro.

In my last permanent job I earned 2600 Euro per month, that'd be about 1500 euro with deductions (taxes and the like). So after all I've been rating myself correctly :)

At least it's good to know what you can except of a new job ;)
What I do except is this: Very good communication between the project managers and their subordinates, proper and punctual payed-out salary, a flat hierarchy, letting the employees decide by himself which operating system and environment they are going to use at their workplace (I'm used to Linux as development environment, esp. GNU/Debian and related distributions).

Also, there's this important concept called "not having to fight against wind mills" (if this is the correct transversion of "nicht gegen Windmühlen kämpfen müssen"), which would be in my case that I dont have to fight out why I'm not using table- and spacer-gif-based layout anymore. And of course why I propagate usability and accessability.

cu, w0lf.

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