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Small update

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A small update for now: Right now I'm freelancing again (actually for more than 5 months by now) - and my former company identity (Fabian Wolf-Webdesign) has been buried, to be reborn into something more adequate, something that reflects my current personal state of knowledge and abilities way better.

Starting from next monday, my company's gonna called [stromg]'Usability Idealist'[/strong]. It's a slighty ironic, even melancholic name, as you know: you can only try to achieve your goals, but probably will never really reach them ;)

Next on, there's the relaunch of my company website. Interested folks may look at it during its designing process:

This is also the site I intend to use to apply for a job with.

Freelancing's all nice and surely has its benefits - but in my current situation (with my deposit not fully payed, etc.), I need something that brings the money. And that'll either be a fulltime employment or a company that's going to give me nearly that whilst still 'freelancing'.

cu, w0lf.

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New flatmate

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Since last saturday, we've got a new flatmate :)


cu, w0lf.

Ps: For those interested in pictures of our new flat, this might be also the chance to see a piece of it here and there ;)

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Vacations (at least some....)

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Heya all!

Got two days of vacation right now - gonna hit the Summmer Nights-Festival in Austria with my beloved one and some other folks :)

Although I somehow "managed" it to lose one of the tickets I pre-ordered for the show and now have to EITHER find it in the old (where I am right now) or in the new flat OR pay for it at the festival location. I hope first one will happen, ie. finding that darned ticket - it came in right before The Move, thus I probably lost somewhere in between.

Lets party on! ;-)

cu, w0lf.

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Time to move

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Last friday we made the final step: Moving all the neccessary stuff over to our brand-new flat. One that'll be big enough to accomodate not only us but also friends from far and not-so-far away, who are going to visit us. ;)

Some stats right now:

  1. 65 qm, kitchen + bathroom not counted in

  2. 3 rooms - sleeping room, living room, small office/work room

  3. located in a town / small city which itself is located at the begin of the GermanBlack Forest - thus we've got a great view ;)

  4. cheap - including all extra charges it's just 460 euro per month I gotta chip of my salary ;)

  5. quite amazing fact: I pay half the price for electricity I've been paying in Karlsruhe for a one-room appartment!

  6. it's just 2 km to the next big city, Pforzheim* (which itself sucks ... a lot. but at least you've got lots of shopping malls there ;))

* note: I'm using the German wikipedia articles, because there are nearly always English equivalents AND the German ones are normally way better than its foreign versions.

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Things to go, things to come

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So NAO itself is moving (at least its physical self) and with me, life is changing once again.

Old company out, new one in.

The same is up to my notebook - after replacing both RAM and the CMOS battery, I still wasnt able to get it working again, thus it has to go. Aka: being sold in parts via Ebay and Quoka.

So my next notebook will be a brand-new one, probably either some Toshiba or the Lenovo ThinkPad Z61m, which will be payed by installments.

Next up on my schedule is another flat with at least 2 rooms. Reason: Although both my financial situation and my relationship has improved a lot, having to drive about 1 1/2 hours all the time to visit each other gets on our nerves. It doesnt matter if its 30 or 300 km, it sucks all the time. Now moving together will help that problem ;)

Thats it for now from my humble self - more to be found at my weblog (mainly written in German, sorry).

cu, w0lf.

Live is getting both darker and lighter

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I've got to finish the base functionality of an ASP.NET + C#-based shop till tommorow evening, else I'll immediately get the pink slip. IMO there's a 50:50 chance to reach this goal.

So thats the darkening.

But the lightening about this is: I've been watching this development for months now and I dont like it. I lose all the abilities and knowledge I trained hard for during the last 6 years. I have to completely switch myself just to fit into this job. There are a few nice guys at work, but also lots of .. lets say. .. maddening crowds. 08/15 types of people.

So this would be the chance to concentrate on something better, getting on with life.

So we'll see whats happening tommorrow evening. Maybe I'll be first, maybe my boss will be first.

cu, w0lf.

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