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Once again I have to say farewell to a company.
Although its not official yet, I'm already searching for a new job.

If you're from Germany or understand German, take a look at my new 'in search of again'-page.

If you know about a good job related with keywords like PHP 4, PHP 5, Semantic Web, XHTML, CSS or Usability, just tell me. If you know somebody who'd be fond of having an employee with the before mentioned skills, I'd be happy if you'd tell him or her.

So its up once again .. the hunting, the heading and the stress. And all this while I'm still employed. :-/

cu, w0lf.

Sparkasse outtakes

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So once again my damned bank has a server outtake. Not only did they crap up during the DST time change, but tonight they made a crapper, too!

So I have to stay hungry till morning, just because them fuckheads cant get their bloody servers running properly!

Is that the reason why I pay 5 euro per month? Hey - my webhoster's servers have got a far better uptime than this! And I pay just 99 cent more than for my bank account.

Lets convert every hosting solution to a multiple bank/webspace hosting thingy. That'll solve all the problems linked with the banking idiots that still - in the age of electronic communication - aint able to do a money transfer in less than 3 days.


cu, w0lf.

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Current desktop

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Now, there is this WinXP theme I stumbled over via Alp Uckan's Weblog. Take a look at it yourself:


What I like most about this theme is: it tries to copy the Look & Feel of KDE 2 / 3 by not cloning too much the style of Mac OS X and still keeping its own character.

Black's beautiful. :)

I'm getting nearer and nearer to the final goal: Switching to linux, at least with one notebook - even if its not the one I have to do my daily work with.

This evening I auctioned a nice second-hand Dell Latitude C610 for my personal joy. I'm not sure yet what I'm going to install onto it - the non-Windumb system which fits best into my needs will make it. One of the following propably: OpenBSD, Ubuntu 6.10, Mandriva 2007 or Fedora Core.

Oh, and much more things of joy: I've been so busy these days I've forgotten to do the wash up for almost 2 weeks. What a joy, what nice odour. Good luck I didnt eat anything before starting to do the clean up, else I would have had a nice talk with the toilet bowl for a while. Next thing I gonna do is covering this whole room with frankincense to get the awful, puke-like smell away.

Well, the bright side of this is, I'm not hungry anymore. :->

Thats the news for this month, aside the fact that I've been very busy with work, being employed as "Software Developer Web" for 2 months now. Which is also one of the reasons I've turned into a fellow reader but not a writer in here.

cu, w0lf.

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Dead and reborn at the same time

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I'm dead again.

Yesterday morning at 2 a.m., my notebook wasn't anymore.

Today was filled with getting my hard disk to run again - I've borrowed quite a good notebook from a friend of mine, replaced its hdd with my own one, and finally, I felt reborn again:

Knoppix 3.5 could not only mount, but also read and write from and to my hard disk. So it's probably just some connection or cable that fucked up yesterday. Phew!

So now I can go on in hacking stuff together - deadline would be tommorrow, but I want to have some fun with my beloved one in the outside, in the free nature (like learning to swim :D), thus the deadline is set to 'now'.

cu, w0lf.

I'm dead

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I've been busy these days.

My old life has ceased.

The new one has just begun.

Last weekend I've done the move - moving from my former home (Munich) over to my new one in Karlsruhe, with a short break in-between at my grand-aunt's site to gather all the needful things like chairs, shelfes, tables and chairs. We worked hard - me, myself and I. SCNR.

Actually my father drove the bus and I and my beloved one shifted the furniture forth and back. My new flat is located in the 5th level, and there's NO elevator, so we probably had to go more than 30 times all the way down and up again.

Now that's what I call a good training ;)

I've been with my new company since end of February 2006 (internship for 4 months, and if all works out good there'll be an apprenticeship for 2 more years!). I've started 2 days earlier than planned, thus I got 2 additional days added to my stack of vacation. The first one has already been used up for doing my move. Right now, I'm working on a small script that'll integrate into the existing CMS, allowing you to transfer data directly from server to server, instead of having to download the data first (not everyone in Germany has a T1-connection).

The atmosphere there is great, the people dont really look at how you dress or act but mainly want you to show your (programming) skills. Drinks (non-alcoholic) are for free, there's a 6 Mbit connection over 1&1 (so we're directly sitting on the source), good teamwork, what else could I want? ;)

I'm probably going to use its basic code scheme to create a file manager that'll not only feature the mentioned transfer option but also de- and compressing data on the fly WITHOUT direct access to the underlying OS.

This evening I'm gonna take a short look at one of the local clubs/pubs called Katakombe. Let's see what's going on during workdays in Karlsruhe. ;)

cu, w0lf.

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Technology preview

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By clicking on the following thumbnail you can get a faint glimpse of my new, nearly entirely self-written weblog system called SmallBreed/Weblog:


It's basically a PHP-based framework that can be used for many different things, eg. as a CMS or an online shop. Currently I'm trying to get it working, and after I'm done integration the important stuff I'm going to turn the source code into pure modular OOP shit ;)

If somebody else is interested in doing some alpha- and beta-tests, just tell me.

cu, w0lf.

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