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Love that does not destroy does that love

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Love that does not
Destroy myself
Feeling grateful
What is given
To me, this feels like
Heaven will fall
Upon me.

The final stage is
Never reaching the definite
One is going to
Develop your senses.
Your mind.

What minds you of
Strange beings are living
In this place it's warm

Fears you.
Dont have anymore.
You fears have not

cu, w0lf.

What sucks + what rules

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What sucks and what rules both at the same time:

I'm celebrating my 25th anniversary on next Saturday (17th of September 2005).

What rules about this fact:
- I've been online since I was not even 15 years old (since August 1995)
- I've still got 5 years to go till I gonna decide to father some children or not
- it's a bloody 4th part of a full century, and I gonna have a BIG FUCKING party!*
- I'm into metal since 1992
- in March 2006 I gonna celebrate my 15th anniversary of being a programmer :D
- when founding a band by now I can be considered as 'ripened' ;)
- I'm going to learn to swim finally**
- I gonna celebrate my birthday together with my girlfriend, my
all and everything 8-)
- I didnt thought I'd make it so long :D

And what sucks:
- no regular job since 2 years (letting aside my security part-time one)
- getting old
- feeling the weight of 25 years lasting on my shoulders
- I dont give a fuck about Linux being released at my bloody birthday for the first time! X-(

cu, w0lf.

Foot notes:
* site's going to be up around tonight (GMT+1/DST)

** ok, so that DOESNT have anything to do with my birthday at all, but it's still an important fact ;D

On a side note:
.. and all of you might want to come - SHALL COME! :)
Although this probably counts only for the German NAOis - except someone of the others'll be around that time in Munich, too.

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First open source script released

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So my fellow NAOis are the first ones whom I'm announcing to that I've finally have finished work on my first open source script called 'MailMe'. It's a complete rewrite of a small script I've been using and improving for years now (starting around 2001/2002).

It's written in PHP, using some MySQL-tables, extensively uses CSS 2 + XHTML 1.0 and tries to avoid using JavaScript as much as possible. Oh, and of course its optimized for W3C-compliant browsers (which excludes Internet Exploiter) ;)

Have a look at it over here:

cu, w0lf.

NP: Hypnös - At Death's Doors

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'Totally picture esque'

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I know I am. Totally picture esque, man. Look at me:

Yeah man, look at me ;)
Found over there:

Now would you look at me, myself and I?




cu, w0lf.


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Kneipentour = pub tour/drinking tour ;)

Just got my new digicam, Kodak CX 7310, and tested it on friday to saturday while being in Munich with friends of mine.

So if you want to see what I'm doing in my spare time, have a look over there:

Some good ones:
- Internetfriseur - hair dresser - What The ...?!? Are you sitting there, with a computer in front of you, surfing the net, while you get your permanent wave done?!
- Mithrandir tries out his latest spell - *lol* nice random shot - there wasnt any big smoke to see .. thanks to the flash we all got enlightened ;)
- Nice selection - all this nice stuff you can buy at Abseits, München-Schwabing
- Happy Posing: me, some folks, some other folks, ... ;)
- The eagle's rising - *löl* actually you can see them playing some well-known game :D
- Somebody in the need for a big crapper? ;)
- Silent Bob - this guy wasnt very talkative during the evening; actually, he didnt say a word in 4 hours
- We all got a Big One ;)
- Dancing Queen - see image background, left upper corner
- Start of a battle - a headbang battle, for gods sake! ;)

BTW: I'm the guy with the glasses, the sun-burn, the long dark blond/light brown hair and the leather stuff all over ;)

cu, w0lf.

Protest against software patents

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Hi outta there,

just a short note: yesterday I took part in a demo against software patents, happening right in front of the IHK academy, Munich. Result was: useless, but still interesting.

Ie. my sister is fighting terror in Osnabrück ('Naziaufmarsch verhindern'), I gonna fight for my right to work - what is my hearblood.

More to come (in German only, sorry) at my weblog!

G' night,
cu, w0lf.

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