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Hey. it's been a while ay? did you miss me? wow. this is just... awesome. i don't know. wow.

anyway, what has been happening with me for the last two or so years. (in point form)

* I finished school and only just passed.
* I got accepted into university doing a bachelor of arts in communications, and i personally hated it. the biggest waste of time, ever.
* I fell in love, and had my heart broken in two months
* I quit uni after first semester
* I found myself a full time job, to keep myself busy
* I turned nineteen
* I lost my virginity
* I applied for a different uni, and a different course, a bachelor of arts and bachelor of social work.
* I got into uni, and quit my job.
* I started playing guitar
* I got diagnosed with chronic depression
* and now, i'm coming close to the end of semester, and i love what i'm doing. it's awesome.

that will do now, because i'm tired. i hope to catch up with some of you soon :)

...And the World's Looking Clearer...

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- Time, by Chantal Kreviazuk

I apoligise for my sudden outburst of.. whatever you want to call it, whether I was asking for attention, or just being a sad arse, I do not know. But I swear that I will try not to do it again. The past few months have been very hard for me, and I was just not handling the consequences to my actions as I perhaps should have.

After a bit of "soul searching" and watching a lot of inspirational television, nothing had really gotten any better. I don't know, I have just been a wreck.

Although I have found that pilates, no matter how painful is a lot good. I don't know, it releases endorphins or something.


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I have hereby resigned my post here at netalive.

Thankyou for your wonderful hospitality.


Le Esame

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Le esame per italiano e in una settimana, e sono molto preoccupato. Devo avete un conversazione con una compagna di il scenario di l'albergo, il ristorante, al dottore, al treno, e... altro.

E molto difficile, ma studio molto cosi sono brava! Ma non brava affato. :(

Bene? Aiuta l'italiano per favore, prima martedi, che possa.


-- I'm thinking i should write a brief translation, cause it's in italian. Ok, so basically I was trying to say that i have italian orals next week, and i have to be able to talk about all these scenarios, and it's really hard, and i basically suck. I was also asking for help, which probably won't score me many points, but that's ok. I have a tutor 2 times a week and teachers :P --

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Okay... I give you permission to FREAK OUT!

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It has finally dawned on me! I only have 117 days left of school, ever. 12 days to write a whole, well structured history essay. That also means 13 days before my FINAL ITALIAN ORAL. and 16 days in which I have to get a whole bunch of forms signed. 19 days before our first yearly exams. 20 days to write a written commentary on a book I haven't read yet.

Then holidays.. YAY!

After holidays (which aren't counted as school days by the way), four days into the next term, I have to hand in my stupid faith essay again, which means I have to fix it so it's an "elgible TOK essay" (grr). Then I have my FINAL EVER ITALIAN EXAM EVER! And I'll never ever have to speak Italian again! Then I have a maths assesment of sorts? Then OPERA HOUSE! I don't know if i'm looking forward to that anymore.. Then, again I have to hand in a written commentary and my history essay, in which I haven't started on.

Then holidays again! (in which I have to study my ass off)

Then once again with my TOK essay and my maths project, which I haven't started, which I should start... soon.
Then TRIALS! OMG!!!!! after trials, some sort of science assesment.... Then on the 3rd of November 2005... My final exams..

on top of all that, I have homework that I don't do and a 4000 word essay that I just started today. And i'm sitting here bellyaching about it. maybe I should disconnect the internet. So, if I decide to disconnect the internet, that's all from me for...more than 117 days.

ARGH! *freaks*

The Night of the Drunkards

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Last night I attended a party. Probably one of my last parties for a very very long time, but that's ok because I had a hella good time! For once, I had brought the money that would supply me with my very own case of illegal alcohol (which is only illegal becasue I'm under age... blah blah blah). Anywho! I got a little tipsy within two hours of the drinking, and the rest of the hours went away really really fast.

Random Memories (in no particular order)

- I remember sniffing my clothes, and telling other people to smell my clothes... i even told them to smell my pants.
- Apparently I got wet?
- I remember miss. blacktangent and miss. "missy higgins" speaking in scottish accents and I found it SOOOO funny
- That guy with the guitar was singing at us
- I remember what I'd had.. I thought I was stronger than that! Anyway.
- I remember miss singer trying to take my vodka away!
- some people were doing it in the spa
- i remember someone else taking my vodka away (a different person and a different vodka)
- I remember talking to some random who was playing designated driver
- i went to the toilet alot
- someone said "dude georgie looks so drunk" I can't quite remember who that was though...

That is my drunkard, hungover ramblings.

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