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Empty Rooms They Glisten

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Well today I fell in love with and after a few hours on the site it all of a sudden went down and is not reachable anymore. I'm not sure what happened but I found alot of ideas to write about from that website today. While searching google a few hours ago I found another site which I could grab ideas from. This poem is a result of some sort of inspirational high that climaxed about two hours ago.

It's about a special place that resides deep inside my mind. I'd happily live there with my family for eternity!

empty rooms they glisten,
in the corners of my mind,
to each in full asunder,
with happiness in kind,
I'd make a place for sofa's,
or maybe a rocking chair,
and a little table,
with a lace cloth to spare,
I'd buff the wooden floors,
until my hearts delight,
and whistle contently as I did,
until the edge of night,
I'd have a fireplace in every room,
to light my life in full,
and cast a shadow upon my wall,
to which I could sit and mull,
I'd place a rug in every room,
and in every hall,
and dot the bland with paintings,
upon every wall,
I'd make a place for porcelain,
and a vase or two,
and place a sculpture here and there,
to add a special flair,
next I'd add my children,
and sit them to and fro,
and lavish them in gifts,
and love I'd surely show,
then I'd make a special place,
for my wife to be,
then I'd adorn her with riches,
to let her mind be free,
we'd call this place our home,
and live here eternally,
and laugh and joke,
and live our life,
in splendor and harmony.

The Things Which Make Me

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Where is the delete button? Haha!

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No Other One Can Measure

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Tonight I wrote my wife a poem for Valentines day and her Birthday which is on the 20th of February. (mine is on the 3rd and her mom's is on the 6th) isn't that weird? Anyway here it is...

Line every woman up,
side by side,
tell me I have one choice,
just one try,
to pick a woman to be with,
for the rest of my life,
a woman to be my friend,
a woman to be my wife,
I'd take less than a second,
to pick you out,
I wouldn't think twice,
without a shadow of a doubt,
I'd pick you a thousand times,
and do it all again,
there isn't another woman,
I want as a friend,
there isn't another woman,
I want, to share my life,
there isn't another woman,
I want as my wife,
you're the green,
that's in the grass,
you're the white,
in the clouds that pass,
you're the blue,
that fills the sky,
you're the joy,
in the tears I cry,
a mirror would smile,
from the likeness of your face,
a million men would march,
to stand in my place,
you're my diamond,
at the center of a ring,
you're the music,
to which I'd gladly sing,
you're my inspiration,
on a rainy day,
you're worth more,
than any words can ever say,
a thousand lifetimes with you,
could never be enough,
a journey of a thousand years,
could never be too tough,
to get to you -
and take your hand,
to be your husband,
to be your friend,
there isn't another woman,
that measures up to you,
or another heart,
that beats as true,
you're the only one for me,
you're the only key -
which sets my heart free.

If Love Were A Diamond

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if love were a diamond,
would you put it in a ring,
and show the world about it,
and of its offerings?

If love were a sculpture,
would you guard it safe and near,
or put it in a museum,
for everyone to cheer?

If love were a song,
would you play it really loud,
to annoy your neighbors,
or maybe a passing cloud?

If love were an emotion,
would you regard it just the same,
or throw it to the gutter,
and regard it as just a game?

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Feelings, emotions and life as me

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Where is the delete button? Haha!

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How quickly it all fades away...

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Where is the delete button? Haha!

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