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Quality greater than that of gold

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Where is the delete button? Haha!

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From Nothing To Something

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This poem is about life and love. It's an illustration of love being created between two people and their revelation of a new life thereafter. I hope you like it.

From Nothing To Something

From nothing to something,
it began that fateful day,
an epiphany held before them,
which words never say,
mathematics performed by two,
to an audience of none,
to balance an equation,
from one and one comes one.

Set out with a plan,
they choreograph their dance,
a union held between them,
emblazoned in a trance,
they rearrange their numbers,
and do it all again,
to figure out the answer,
a game in which they'll win,
the two work together,
to prove a theory true,
their effort lasts forever,
a love is born anew.

The Sun outside is rising,
in full and brilliant pride,
a symphony plays before them,
they take it all in stride,
the answer within their grasp,
set on a pedistal, to take,
they contimplate their theory,
until their hearts awake,
their breath is strong and heavy,
their passion pure and true,
their love is deep with envy,
vibrations through and through.

Sunlight breaks the window,
and unifies their bond,
and culminates their theory,
and sets them far beyond,
the solution to their formula,
is finally in their hands,
to emphasize their future,
to highlight their plans,
the product of their energy,
is a life made anew,
a child conceived between them,
the sky is born in blue,
the Sun has risen full once more,
to light their life again,
this revelation lays before them,
where do they begin?

When words cannot describe

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Where is the delete button? Haha!

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An Army Of Ideas

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Well, I'd like to share with you guys the next journey that my mind took tonight. Here is a transcript. Enjoy! =)

An Army Of Ideas

an army of ideas,
all trapped inside my head,
they're brewing an escape plan,
lest they all be dead,
they're plotting with their peers,
to stage a preemptive strike,
to explode into the open,
for fear of being trite,
conspiring with my memories,
they script their best escape,
and set the plan for midnight,
a moment not to late,
they think that I'll be sleeping,
not aware of their cause,
but I'll be lurking in the shadows,
all dressed in camouflage,
my breath will be held steady,
my hands quick as light,
I'll fight them back one by one,
until the end of night,
and when the morning comes,
I'll search the ground below,
to see who is living,
and who did surely go,
then in solemn servitude,
I'll gather them in check,
and stuff back inside my mind,
then harken retrospect,
I'll analyze my senses,
and how they missed their plea
and why my ideas would wander,
and want to be free,
I'll interrogate my eyes,
for what they might have seen,
I'll ask them many questions,
and why they could be so mean,
and not warn me sooner,
upon the pending plight,
that my ears heard the whispers,
of the ensuing flight,
my nose failed to smell,
the bitterness of their scheme,
my tongue could not taste,
the sweetness of their dream,
infact all but intuition,
let me down that day,
and worked feverishly against me,
to keep their work from fray,
but deep down I knew,
about their evil game,
to overthrow my constitution,
and fill me full of shame,
but in the end I succeeded,
and kept them all at bay,
and never in the end,
did my resolve seem to stray.

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If Life Were But A Mile

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Another 2 hours of labor. Here is my fruit... I love rhyming poetry the best.

If life were but a mile

if life were but a mile,
where would you stroll,
how long would you stop,
how much would you dole,
would the smell of a rose,
be sweetest in your mind,
or the touch of the wind,
be much more to your kind,
would the color of the sky,
mean as much to you,
as the warmth of a love,
that burns inside so true,
would the lay of the land,
be fickle in your sight,
or the fear of the unknown,
be as dark as the night,
would time not matter,
in this short distant walk,
could emotions settle fears,
or perpetuate a stalk,
would you be able to gander,
at all the wonders here,
and forget about your worries,
and smile most sincere,
would you take two steps forward,
then promptly take one back,
and then have a change of heart,
and forget about what you lack,
would you think about the memories,
and what you might have missed,
or live for the moment,
and act a bit remiss,
that every moment lived today,
should be a guarded gift,
and never thought of as insincere,
or in the slighest miffed,
and nary we should turn around,
and wish it all again,
or take each day one by one,
and try to make amends,
instead our gaze should be set forward,
to what this life may be,
instead of singing sorrow,
our song should be one of glee,
time should never measure,
or be a proof of length,
to a life filled with treasure,
or a life full of strength,
a mile seems so little,
and too quickly come to pass,
or just a bit to brittle,
like the brilliance of stained glass,
but let not your hearts be troubled,
continue on your way,
if life were but a mile,
what would you have to say?

One Plus One Is Not Two

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Oh I was on a roll tonight and well I spent about 2 hours on this one and I am smiling from ear to ear. I promptly sent this one to my wife. I really hope she likes it!

One Plue One Is Not Two

one plus one is not two,
and this is how I know,
give me just a few more words,
and this is what I'll show,
that if you add a bit of me,
and a touch of you,
then you take a ray of sun,
and just one drop of dew,
and mix those up, round and round,
kneading along the way,
sprinkle in an ounce of gold,
and your fruits will surely pay,
bake on high for eternity,
then you'll know its true,
that one plus one is not two,
but the product of me and you.

*giggles profusely*

** Oct 19 2005 - Fixed spelling of kneading **

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