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I Am A Stream

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Oh here is an old one. This goes all the way back to 1994, I was but a young lad then at the ripe old age of 19. Anyway here we go... This was obviously written for a love affair that has long since vanished from this earth. Maybe it shows a little naivety as well but I'm rather attached to it.

I Am A Stream

I am a stream,
Free to flow,
Free to love as I go,

I am an ocean,
Feeling waves of sorrow,
Wishing for the tomorrow,
That sends the dove,
To bring with it my love,

I am the Sun,
Shining golden in the sky,
Feeling free to fly,
Through the winds of blue,
So I can be with you,

I am the sky,
A forever expanse of love,
As long as you're in my life,
You should know,
I'll always be a stream,
And always my love will flow.

I'm seriously digging poetry more and more everyday. I've started up this new literary kick and I'm trying to write everynight now. Wish me luck!

The Room In Which I Sit

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This poem was written on January 4th, 2004. It's about where I live and my sole connection to the real world being my internet connection. It tries to paint the picture that I'm always looking to get home to my wife and daughter but I simply cannot get home over the twisted pairs of the world wide web. I hope that this poem can somehow give you a glimpse of my current situation. Enjoy!

The Room In Which I Sit

a room filled with nothing is where I sit,
an expanse of space which cannot fit,
my soul, my ideas, my peace of mind,
I'm trapped within and driven blind,
I look around but cannot see,
any doors to open and set me free,
I have this line which connects me to,
a world of windows that I peer through,
an endless maze of twisted pairs,
an expanse of ever twisting stairs,
I look and look and always sought,
a way back home what a perfect thought,
a road to travel to get to you,
a sky above which is bright blue,
a sun that shines down on me,
and warms my skin and lets me be,
who I am, which makes me feel,
alive and open and something real,
but for now I'll sit right here,
and gaze through these windows and shed a tear,
that trickles slowly down my cheek,
to an endless journey that seems so bleak,
and one day soon I hope it'll be,
that a door is made present for my eyes to see,
that my legs will still have their strength,
to take that journey no matter the length,
to open the door and walk right out,
to look around and scream and shout,
the glorious day that I'll be free,
is the day that our eyes meet and begin to see...

Fifteen Thousand Miles From

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Where is the delete button? Haha!

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Freedom Tower

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Where is the delete button? Haha!

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Oh My God We Got Him!

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Where is the delete button? Haha!

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Something I found on my hard drive...

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Well I've been digging through my hard drive and look what I found.

I wrote this poem for my Wife on June 27, 1995. And it brings back such good memories that I just cannot comprehend. I hope you guys enjoy this. It shows a side of me that I've been trying to capture for a very long time. I just cannot seem to get that creative self back... If anyone can offer a majical potion let me know... =)

The Sun Never Sets

The Sun never sets in your beautiful green eyes,
Its brilliance lasts forever,
Like the flight of butterflies,
The touch of your hands fills me with emotion,
Sends chills through my bones of sweet, sweet devotion,
The warmth of your love is soothing to my mind,
For you're a rare gem of which I thought I'd never find,
You make my world a paradise by how you look at me,
Palm trees, white sands, rolling waves marvel in this reality,
Wild flowers grow with a curious fascination,
Exotic birds flights of fancy drowns your imagination,
Blue skies adorn the beauty of this place,
But nothings sweeter than the smile on your face,
Sends me flying when I'm to weak to walk,
Lets me sing when I'm to shy to talk,
All this is true as the feelings I have felt,
When you look at me, your eyes make me melt,
So when you're done reading this remember through & through,
That the Sun never sets but burns bright in you,
Through your emerald green sweet eyes,
The Sun shines and shines and shines...

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