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I hate packing for a trip

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Tonight was the dreaded night to pack all my shit in preparation for my trip to Afghanistan. Reason I hate it so much is because normally 2 bags are all you should take but 2 bags never hold enough stuff. I am seriously thinking of taking 3 bags to alleviate the problems I am currently having but that just means 3 times more chances to get a bag lost during travel. I just can't afford the risk, I'd be screwed and I don't like that feeling, been there and done that and it's not fun, especially when you have a job to do.

So tomorrow I am gonna go to Virginia to visit with parents and friends before I leave. You know say goodbye and all that sappy crap. I just can't take the goodbyes, I don't know how to react to them. I suck at showing emotion in front of people. When serious shit happens I am all quiet, I don't have any words, I'm stunned and I give the outward appearance of *not caring* but that would be totally wrong, it's just that I don't know how to express those hard emotions.

I'm going to take so many pictures on this trip that it's just not going to be funny. My boss took 37,000 pictures in Afghanistan when he was there, I don't know if I'll reach that number but that is the goal. Haha...

It's almost time

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Where is the delete button? Haha!

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The future...

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Where is the delete button? Haha!

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The piano sessions

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So as per my conversation with harold_maude I have recorded 2 sessions of me playing the piano. I'm kinda proud of it because I had never really given it much thought until she said something. It was all done on an analog tape. I had some technical difficulties trying to get it into the computer so I could encode it to mp3 but I did manage to get the second session encoded will do the first one tomorrow. I think the first session is about an hour and the second session is 35 minutes. The wav file was 89 megabytes and I encoded it down to 64 kb then it was 16 megs so I went even futher all the way down to 16 kb and now it's 4 megabytes. It hasn't lost any real quality and still retains the shittiness of analog but it sounds pretty decent for being done with shitty equipment. I just found some stuff to work with and then went with it so it's as much a testament to my creativity more than anything else.

I'm still brainstorming on how to upload it to because my mother in law has a shit computer from the stone age with win98 and it cannot recognize my usb 2 hard drive. And since linux cannot recognize my winmodem in my Dell laptop I cannot connect to her dial up internet. So I'll try to scrape a couple brain cells together and figure something out.

So if your listening harold_maude gimme a little while so I can figure something out.

Music and it's memories

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Where is the delete button? Haha!

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Sitting in a hotel room again (alone)

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Where is the delete button? Haha!

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