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I didn't write the poem, the poem wrote me

# 40055

It's quite scary how these things come to life. If I had to describe it, I don't think I could.

I didn't write the poem,
the poem wrote me,
it took but my hand --
and my civility,

I felt each word --
brush softly upon my face,
the sensual curve of the comma,
and the eternity of whitespace,

I dreamt of the dash --
and it's eternal link,
to that next magic thought,
which my mind would think.

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That Raw Visceral Scape

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# 40031

While thinking of this single thought posted in my last journal, I have elaborated just a bit:

"This day is like no other, I can't take it back or change a subtle thing, this is what I have to offer, a tear just the same!"

Each day a mystery,
I slueth the minutes by,
as if the fleeting moments,
could tempt a butterfly,

today cannot be changed,
or subtle second tweaked,
nor the watch hands reversed,
oh the thought is bleak,

We have but just our memory --
travelling in our wake,
the part we left before us,
in that raw visceral scape...

A Pirate N'er Thought

# 40030

It's hard to describe this next one but it has come from a place that I cannot describe. The emotion of this is unparalleled.

This day is like no other, I can't take it back or change a subtle thing, this is what I have to offer, a tear just the same!

A Pirate Ne'r Thought

A treasure found inside your eyes,
a pirate ne'r thought,
he'd sail the seas a thousand days,
until your soul he'd wrought,

in faith he'd make a solemn mend,
to the souls he hath foresake,
a new dawn would rise again,
a savage life it'd take,

the swell in the seas,
would tame -- a silent calm,
the beating of his heart --
likened to a psalm.

This Art

# 40002

This art, this thing, this energy that is like no other. Oh how I bow down in your name. I am not worthy, you are the magnetic energy that pulls me from where I am to where I am going. I am in awe and I have tears that bare your name. Oh please forgive me for not seeing sooner what you've put inside my eyes, I am human, such suprise.

If I could sit and write 24 hours a day, it'd not be enough to quench this thirst I have. Sometimes it's just that I can't express it in writing, I repeat myself too much, it's not a lack of trying but more like I can't get a grasp on this energy that is around me.

I don't know how to describe this, it's like there is a purpose, a drive and something that needs to get done but the rules have not been written. The game has been left for me to invent, it's overwhelming and a bit scary at the same time.

I want so much to communicate this, to express this and share this. I am left with only so many words, some of which I repeat. I hope that you'll forgive me upon occasion.

Words, a plentiful garden,
sewed upon a thought,
irrigated by a memory,
upon a sacred plot...

Oh Limitless, Tempt Me...

# 39999

Do you know your limits? Do you understand things that others fail to see? Are you left laughing at the end of the day to the joke that to world hasn't got? If you have then consider yourself oh so special.

Let's have a toast to those people that are seldom recognized for the beauty that burns a fire inside their eyes. We know who we are, we see each other, we are one and we will be strong!

oh limitless, tempt me,
oh visionless, contempt me,
oh emotionless, stand behind me,
oh passion, flow inside me,

oh tomorrow, you know me,
oh yesterday, still part me,
oh memory, stand with me,
oh passion, it is me,

I stand --
too easy down,
I am art --
these feelings found,
I am me --
these words are mine,
I am yours --
oh pure sublime.

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If You're Alive

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# 39998

If you're alive then you have surely felt this, if you haven't, you will!

A connection made a whole,
by a heart and it's mate,
a fleeting sort of meeting,
likened by that of fate,

a bleeding perfect moment,
struck in an instance -- profound,
for cosmic eyes were blinking,
to what was felt around,

revolving in it's course,
at light speeds inner grasp,
we reached out our hands,
a moment n'er elapsed,

a bolt of lighting -- struck,
in what that instant held,
a brilliant light burst out,
to fill us all around,

explosive inner feelings,
a quickening mental surge,
that reverberate in tandem,
as our thoughts converge.

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