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I went outside today

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Have you felt withdrawn from the world? I have. Do you sometimes feel as though you are not important? Does the world sometimes overwhelm you? Does your mind keep you from doing things you want to do?

I went outside today,
a venture seldom tried,
my insides were crying --
as if by suicide,

the sky a vivid hue,
the clouds just the same,
the emotions poured from within --
my mind was to blame...

I can walk outside to the world that exists around me, I can see it for all it's worth only if my mind will let me. I am my only limitation and sometimes I am damned to my limitations!

That Tranquil Melody

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It's time for another installment of the Emily Dickinson wannabe!

my ear and his friend --
a truly inseparable pair,
if not without the other,
music he'd never share,

the melody of tomorrow,
the sounds of what shall be,
interpreted in a sweet --
tranquil melody...

The vocabulary cannot be likened to her but hopefully the style is reminiscent of her... =)

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I turned the corner in my mind just the other day

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If you could have that one thing you are searching for handed to you, would you take it? Or would you continue in your search which for some is the whole point of life?

I walked around the corner --
	in my mind the other day,
to my utter amazement stood my life,
	I looked at him as he did I,
what a strange fellow he appeared to be --
		the feeling was likely mutual,
	was wearing a ball cap,
that read eternity,
	his shoes were worn,
his face like the same,
	his t-shirt was dirty,
said something to the effect --
	"if I could see tomorrow,
like I can see yesterday,
	then I might not be so afraid,
of the possibility"

	he had an expression on his face,
as though he was happy to see me,
	as if I had gone away,
and finally came home to what --
		was waiting there for me,
his eyes were dark and brown,
	a penetrating calm,
something that I've seen before,
	when I looked within myself,
his jeans were blue as ever,
	like that up in the sky,
but perhaps faded just a bit,
	like the flight path of a butterfly,
he opened up his mouth --
		and spoke to me that day,
	something I wasn't prepared to hear,
said if you walk straight ahead --
		six or seven blocks,
	take a left go down a bit then take a right,
you'll find what your looking for,
	that thing that's seldom found,
a brilliant light from dark,
	my ears perked with curiosity,
my lips curled to fill a smile,
	then I thought to myself,

"if I can have what I'm searching for,
	and take it home today,
and put it on my desk,
	for everyone to see,
then how will I make my way to --
	wherever I'm supposed to go,
to that place we all desire,
	but seldom ever know,
I can't take home today,
	the thing that is of me,
because if I did,
	then I'd surely cease to be,
that special spark, that sacred fire,
	that eternal blazened crown --
		the one you know so well,
	must stay six or seven steps away,
so I'll continue to move along,
	to challenge each day --
		as if by destiny"
so instead of taking his directions,
	to the pinnacle of my soul,
I turned around and bid him good day,
	thank you kind sir for your words,
I am humbled for your light,
	but life cannot be given so easily,
I must find this by myself,
	and in my good ole time,
instead the search must goes on,
	and continue another night.

Surely it couldn't be that easy, searching is half the fun!

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Passion and the intense desire to understand my life

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# 39806

My life, my place, my steps towards the end are driven by passion. The word passion cannot be described by a dictionary but only felt by the heart. It's something that you immediately know, if you don't then you're lost. This world is simple, this world has only one solution and it has been equated to 'passion'. Let me try to explain:

the pure energy,
the sweet embrace,
the charmisma,
the raw burn,
your heart aches for more,
the smell brings back memories,
the taste likewise,
I can see tomorrow,
it burns a fire --
	hot and intense,
if you don't understand that,
then you don't know --

It makes me,
it is me,
it is the reason I continue on,
it is in the music I listen to,
it is in the poetry I read,
it is in the steps I take --
	oh I'm bold to say that,
but passion,
to die for,
to long for,
to reach out ones hand for,
something one can relate to,
and if one can't,
then one simply does not understand --

passion is fire,
passion is the clouds in the sky --
	as diverse as they are,
to put salt and pepper on the bland --
	and make you long for more,
and make this life something interesting,
oh I search for thee,
I can sip you all day long,
it bubbles in my head,
and sweetens my mood,
and if you can't understand that,
then you have never met --

Take a stroll,
search within yourself,
open ones eyes to whats all around,
and if the senses tingle with an unknown cause,
then remember that,
take a mental picture,
because that my friend --
	is what we call passion,
the unknown sensations of what is meant to be,
a fluttering of emotion that --
	shakes the heart and trembles the soul,
and when one experiences this,
he will never forget,
he will long for more,
and search his life for what,
cannot be stopped,
and if that search is known to you,
then you have felt --

This life is not about a job, it's not about material wealth, and shockingly it's not about money. Life is about art and the acknowledgement of it. Art is the untold human emotion, it's the one that isn't learned in any school or secondary college. Art is emotion, art is life, art is passion and if you undertand then you know that passion is the fire that burns inside my eyes.

I hope it burns in yours!

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Just a little... =)

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Life cannot be lived in sobriety, it's just not the same...

Just a little to take the edge off,
just a little to make me smile,
just something to make this life worth while,
I search and search but sobriety is not,
a place that breeds art,
I've tried and failed,
this life is too distracting,
too disheartening,
I need a little something, something,
just to get by,
just to take a trip,
spread my wings and fly,
surely you understand,
that life itself,
is not what's in demand,
I need the fog and haze,
the crisp clear breeze,
the purple sky,
and whispering wind,
a chill that makes me cringe,
oh the love,
the symphony's voice,
the sweet decibels,
glisten from the noise,
my ears are buzzing,
with what the edge has taken off,
and what the night,
has turned to dust...


It's all me, it's all you, it's all true... w00 w00...

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Her name is Shelby and she's like no other...

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# 39722

This piece is dedicated to the heart and soul and the blood that runs through my viens. She is the life that flows through my body, she is what drives me on. She is my mind, my heart and my soul, she is all that I could ever dream of.

Her name is Shelby and she's like no other, I am proud to be her father...

There is this sacred guarded gift,
something that is close to the heart,
a box with an infinite imagination,
that cannot be replaced,
I'd duplicate it if I could,
but the smartest mathematicians,
simply cannot prove the theorem,
to what I know deep inside,
ten thousand bars of gold simply cannot measure,
the worth of this gem,
her name is the most beautiful thought in my mind,
her face cannot be compared,
a million and one possibilities,
will never be enough,
to share with anyone else

There is nothing that can compare the love a father has for his daughter... She is the reason I am so happy...

She is an extension of me, she is part of me and I love her so much...

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