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I try to appear independent

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Sometimes the world goes around us so fast that we cannot comprehend what is happening. Sometimes life is just too much. Sometimes we are scared to death about the reality that is painted onto our soul. Sometimes we just need to reach out and ask for help.

I try to appear independent,
	but how feeble my fight seems to be,
I am just a weak heart running,
	with a need for love --
		and stability,

I can paint a smug look --
	upon my face,
and appear as though I am strong,
	but in the end,
I've lost the race,

I am unequivocally wrong,
	each step I take is a blind walk,
into a dark reality,
	I am scared to death of what --
		I am supposed to be,
I can see a crystal clear world --
	through my eyes,
or so my mind tells me,
	but my understanding of this place --
		is felt as total surprise,
Can you offer just just a handshake,
	or maybe just a kiss,
so that my soul won't slip,
	into eternal distress,
I have a few words that were never said,
	I have a few thoughts,
just a few emotions and feelings that --
	have no parallel,

if you'll take the time to recognize --
	that I am here --
               that I'm alive,
	you'll surely see,
that I make my --
and the world is revolving --
	quickly around me,
I have something to say,
        if you'll let me...

We all have something to say, yet we seldom give each other a chance. We are so predisposed to judgement with no concrete facts. If we'd would just take the time to realize that each of us are unique in our own way, we'd surely realize that there is a plan and direction for all of us...

A thought or two on the poety side of life

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I can see the sun

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Ever felt like you wanted to fit in but couldn't quite figure out the formula? Ever think that you couldn't quite possibly understand emotions and feelings that others are feeling? Do you ever feel extremely isolated in a crowd? Do you want to be part of something and be understood?

There is a word,
there is a thought,
there is this tear I've kept inside --
	to cover my insecurities,
I can see the sun,
I can feel it's warmth,
I can take a step forward,
and look around --
	see things as they are,
I can look at you,
I can see your face,
but I can't understand the emotions --
	that you feel,
no matter the smile on your face,
nor the frown of another,
I'm oblivious to the sound,
there is a hurt,
there is a pain,
there is this cramp in my mind,
I want desperately to know,
to involve myself with understanding,
of what it is to be alive,
but have been stuck in this hazy fog --
         for so long that I fear I'll never free

I often find myself in isolation amongst people, I seem to not be able to understand nor make myself fit with the crowd. I seem to be on a different wavelength than everyone else but am so frustrated with that, that it makes me so damn angry. No matter how hard I try I simply feel like I do not belong.

Can't quite put my finger on the formula. Some people seem to click into any situation while others seem to struggle with any.

The Real In Us

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This journey of life can be extremely exciting, extremely painful and extremely frustrating. Yet life is only how we interpret it. What I think is good someone else may think is bad, what I like may not matter to another. Life is a perception in our mind and who's to say what I think is wrong and vice versa.

The Real In Us

There is this reality inside us,
there is something trapped,
it's buried in a place we've yet to find,
something we're searching for,
since we first began,

it's that special moment,
that sacred place,
that single point of light,
which sooths our soul,

there on the horizon,
is where I set my course,
a distant place where I've never been,
with a gravity that is unescapable

my feet have worn thin,
I've stumbled and fell,
yet I've stood up and continued on,
as if I had something to tell,

tomorrow is a frightful place,
with uncertain and unimaginable consequences,
it's coming cannot be stopped,
it's longing is unsurpassed,

yet I continue on, on and on as if I've never felt pain...

As I listen to John Denver and escape into the reality that is his music and soul I am traveling to a distant place with beautiful landscapes. If life has anything to offer and we can make any sense of it then let us have the patience to deal with what we have in front of us. Let us take whatever life deals us and brush it off our shoulders and press on and keep writing the book that is our life. Life can be whatever we want it to be!

I have something to give to the people I love!

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There Is This Something Wonderful...

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This is yet another poem. I love writing titles to my work that stretch the engligh language and I also like to write thought provoking pieces that try to get the reader to figure out what it means to him. I've been working on this one a while and I just finished it up tonight.

This poem is entitled "There Is This Something Wonderful"

There is this something wonderful,
	something extrodinary and tangible,
a crazy sort of unexplainable,
	thats sometimes felt as unattainable,
its gravity pulls and is unmistakeable
	to a special place called remarkable, 
the feelings felt are so sensational,
	so unimaginable and irresistible,
so undeniable and susceptible,
	so incredibly audible and sensible,
that life without is not possible,
	this place is almost not plausible,
comprehensible or thinkable,
	a dream can make it physical,
touchable and corporeal,
	where desirable sensations are so sensual,
so verbal, so intentional,
	that your mind makes it all believable,
palatable and excitable,
	where euphoric vibrations are congenital,
habitual and soluble,
	love and mind are inseparable,
compoundable and emotional,
	to be without this would be unfathomable,
unquestionable and abysmal,
	only your mind can it permissable,
possible and visible,
	and only you can make it credible,
uncontrovertable and definable,

It's all about what you see and feel,
Tell me how you feel?

I love the use of words ending in ible, al and able. I love the flow but have been working on this so long that I figured I needed to get an ending to it. I hope you like it.

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