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April 3,2003 9:32PM
Well tonight has been an intersting night, I guess. At the moment I am in a really crappy mood, which is nothing new for me. I guess overall today has just been a very frusterating day. It is kind of funny cause it seems as though the days when I have nothing to do are they days that turn out the worst. Work was long, and I didn't get many donations which always stinks. Why is it that I feel alone sometimes? I am not alone and yet at times I feel so lonley. I went to McDonalds after work tonight because I had not gotten a chance to eat dinner. As I was walking back into my dorm I dropped my food and my drink. My drink flew all over the place, talk about a mess. So here I had spent the little bit of money I have and I wasted it for the ground. At the moment I am trying to watch CSI but I didn't get to watch it from the begining so it is kind of confusing. Oh well life goes on I guess. Lata I suppose.

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