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Marks House

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April 4,2003 10:03PM
Tonight has been a wonderful night. I have gotten to spend the entire night with much better can life get. Hehe. I am watching George of the Jungle on Disney Channel with Nikol and Mark. Mark had his surgery this morning and I am enjoying being able to take care of him for a change. Hmmmmm.....what to write. Hehe at the moment my mind is kind of preoccupied. Lol, Nikol just made me think of this kid I used to know from high school named Jay and whenever he sat down his butt crack would show. Ok well anywayaz I gotta go and take care of the love of my life. Lata.
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Re: Marks House

May I ask which surgery Mark had to do? Was it something serious?

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Re: Marks House

Mark had hernia surgery thanks for the interest. He is doing well.

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