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April 5,2003 1:51AM
ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I am mad, and irrated. Parents can be such big fat butts sometimes. I was with Mark tonight cause he had surgery today...and I got to take care of him, I love taking care of him, he is so sweet. Anywayz my stupid parents make me come home in the middle of this rain storm when we have a tornado watch or whatever. How stupid is that. ERR and now my parents are on my case about going to bed. "Its too late"... "Go to bed now"... "We can't sleep while your on the computer", whatever dude, shove it. I got to watch part of the movie SIMONE it is a pretty good movie, it caught my attention anywayz. I was watching it with Nikol, Mark, and Josh, they are great people to hang with. Ok well I guess I better get off the computer before my parents have heart attacks or somthing. Lata.
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