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Dec 26, 2001 05:08 # 1037

frank *** smiles...

Christmas presents

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Dec 26, 2001 14:19 # 1041

Jaz *** has all the information you need...

Re: Christmas presents

Santa kicking some major ass over here, too:

New AKG headphones.
Book: A Fire Upon Deep.
CD: BT - R&R (rocks)
New pyjama from Ettena so I'd finally stop using the army ones.
Biscuit, cookie and candy farm baked (baken? whatever) by Ettena.
$100000000 new telephone handset with SMS service and world domination capabilities already built-in.


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Dec 26, 2001 18:47 # 1048

Martin *** posts about...

Re: Christmas presents

Aah, Frank, I was thinking about taking a ride cross the US on my motorbike anyway, just tell me where you live, I'll bring along a case and take it with me.. :-)

Right, let me hear some of your music ASAP! I'm curious!

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Dec 26, 2001 19:46 # 1051

null replies...

Re: Christmas presents

A CD, candles, cookies (mmmh...!), books, a scarf, wine glasses and - wow! - a grand total of 1500 bucks (about $900). Ain't that great, I'm gonna buy myself all the presents I've ever wanted! :-)

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Dec 27, 2001 08:40 # 1067

Orchid *** posts about...

Re: Christmas presents

Three Gutscheine (don't know the english word for :-( a candle, a perfume, a Freitag bag, chocolates, a radio with cd-player...

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Dec 27, 2001 09:32 # 1069

madmaxx *** agrees...

Re: Christmas presents

x-mass rocks here as well:

- books
- money
- cookies

now i just need an additional firewire card to transfer my songs...

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