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April 9,2003 11:34PM
My life is so busy at the moment but I am enjoying it. At the moment I feel a surge of accomplishment because I got so much done today. It is such a nice feeling to know that you have done something worth while. I worked tonight, which is something I really needed to do because I really need the money, but don't we all? LOL. And then I worked on my project for awhile tonight. I am actually really enjoying working on this Psychology Project I am doing research on Howard Gardner's Theory on Multiple Intelligences and conducting a survey. I am learning quite a bit from this.
I am also going through Mark withdrawl. Hehe. I did'nt get to talk to him much today and I miss him so much. It is amazing how much you can miss just hearing someones voice. I feel so bad for him he is going through a rough time. He recently had surgery and somehow they managed to mess up his throat with the air tube they used. The swelling and soreness that is occuring is causing him alot of discomfortant. I wish I could make all the pain go away for him but I know I can't. And the fact that I can't even be with him to comfort him is really hard..but I know I need to go to class and talk to him when I can.
Today I went to the Super Wal-Mart here and got the cd Finch, they are an awsome group. Mark and Josh introduced me to them..not personally or anything but just to their music. My favorite song of theirs is one Mark one sent me when I was feeling lonely, it is entitled: "Letters to You". The lyrics go like this:
"Can't you see that i wanna be there with open arms
It's empty tonight and i'm all alone
Get me through this one
Do you notice i'm gone?
Where do you run to so far away?
I want you to know that I miss you I miss you so
I want you to know that I miss you I miss you so
I'm writing again these letters to you on much I know
But i'm not sleeping and you're not here
The thought stops my heart
No more looking i've found her
I'm gone away..."
It is such an amazing song. And describes how I feel about Mark so much.
I got to finish the movie "The Sweetest Thing" today too, it is such a funny movie, you just can't help but laugh. I also watched "Charlies Angel's" I had been wanting to see it forever. It was a very entertaining movie.
I am typing out this journal while I listen to Destinys Child, their music is great, I love listening to the blend of their voices.
Well I better get to bed and try and get some rest. Lata.
~Mindy~ <><

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