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Sleep Is Good

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April 10,2003 1:55PM
Sleep is sooo good. Last night was like the first night in forever where I was actually rested and felt good. It was so nice. I am in such a good mood today, I have great friends. I am just overall happy. Now if this will stick all day I don't know...but hopefully it will last awhile.
Thanks yous, I have to send them out: They go to Lindsay for being there for me when I freak out, you are a true friend. Mark of course are always there for me even when you are feeling awful I wish I could be there for you when you need me...I love you. Without you two I don't know what I would do. And of course last but not least at all God: Thank you Lord, you are by my side no matter where I go or how bad it gets, I wouldn't be able to survive in this world without you.
For everyone: Be happy, enjoy life, take advantage of everything thrown at you...the good and the bad. Well thatz all for now I gotta go and get a shower. Luv u all. God bless. Lata.
~Mindy~ <><

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