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Gotcha Day

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April 10,2003 11:06PM
Well I just got a call from my family wishing me a "Happy Gotcha Day". LOL. I had forgotten that my Gotcha Day was sad is that. For those of you who have no clue what I am talking about. I am adopted and for children who are adopted sometimes their parents recognize the day they "got" their children. Thus the celebration of the "Gotcha Day". My parents got me from South Korea on April 11,1984. Anywayz I would go into this big long rambling about how sometimes I wonder if it is such a day to celebrate or not..but you can get the hint just from what I have already said. The other thing I am thinking about is that I know tomorrow is a day my mom will never forget, because for mothers who actually give birth to their children they never forget the day their child was born, well for mine she never forgets the very day where her first child was placed into her arms. But the sad thing is I have to wonder other then me and my Mom who else really cares? Its a kind of depressing thought. I know my Dad probably doesn't even remember. Oh well...those are my few thoughts on the subject. Back to the piles and mountains of homework that are calling my attention. Lata.

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