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April 13,2003 11:21PM
Back at school....Oh what fun! This weekend seemed to fly by. I got to see "Anger Managment" starring Adam is such a funny movie. Friday night was the best I got to spend all late afternoon and night with Mark. He makes me so happy. Mark is begining to feel better now too so my prayers are being answered. Tonight my family and I went to the Passion Play at our church Liberty Heights, it really moved me. I reaffirmed my faith of how much God is a part of my life, how much He loves me, and how he is always there. I am never without Him. The gift God gave us is so amazing. My parents and actually my entire family insisted on following me back to school tonight..AHH! But I made it through. Some damage was done tonight but hopefully I can repair it this week. Overall though it was a pretty good weekend. Well I have to go and get some homework done and get some sleep. Lata.
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