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Apr 14, 2003 16:07 # 10572

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April 14,2003 12:03PM
What a beautiful is so nice and sunny outside, warm, the birds are just puts you into a good mood. I know I have so much to do and so little time to accomplish it all but at the same time where I would normally be going out of my mind and stressed I am at peace and focused on what all I need to accomplish but not worried. I know that whatever happens God is there for me. That I can accomplish what needs to be done because He is right there beside me helping me along the way. Even if I fail which I don't think I will but if it does happen God will be with me even in my time of failure. If i do fail it is of my own doing, but I know I can make everything work and I can do it. I made things a lot harder on myself then it needed to be, but it is a good lesson to learn. Something that I will now be able to keep with me.
So basically this is what I wanted to share, look outside, take a deep breath of the fresh air, and rejoice because you are alive, and able to enjoy the things around you. God bless. Lata.
~Mindy~ <><

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