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Apr 16, 2003 12:47 # 10660

Jaz *** smiles...

Touch the screen

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And another reason why you shouldn't pay attention in Maths: This morning I read an ad for Volito, a neat entry-class graphical tablet and immediately decided: I want that thing.

Three hours later I have it plugged into my PC. For € 50 - 60 you get:

  • The A6 sized Volito tablet

  • A pen to draw on it

  • A mouse.

  • A huge software package containing all sorts of applications for drawing and writing and even a gaming with the pen.

Neither the mouse nor the pen need any cables or batteries.

It works like this: If you hover the pen about one centimeter above the tablet, the mouse cursor follows its movement. You can setup the tablet to work like a mouse (relative positioning) or to represent the area on the screen, which means clicking on the upper-left corner of the tablet will trigger a click on the upper-left corner of the screen. This feels ackward at first when you're accostumed to relative mouse movement but after a few minutes it feels much more natural.

I'm not sure why they're including an additional mouse, although it's cool that it works without any cables or energy source. I still have my old IntelliEye mouse plugged in and I can use both input devices at the same time.

Since I'm left handed I can hold the pen in my left hand and move my old mouse with my right, so I'm like Mr. Ueberclick now!

Now I can't wait to play a game of Starcraft with my newly aquired dual input skills. I'm going to kick some serious ass like that :)

Right now it's so much fun to click, sorry, "tip" my way around the Internet and the innards of my PC that I can't really give an objective assessment, but I sure don't regret the purchase.

Tipping away!

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Apr 16, 2003 13:44 # 10661

Jaz *** replies...

Tablet foil

I just discovered that you can lift the foil that covers the tablet and put a photo or other image below it. This way you can easily trace the contours with the pen.

That's really cool. I figure I might start drawing comics again. Puting the panel templates below the foil would make that job much easier.

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Apr 16, 2003 14:05 # 10662

null wants to know...

Re: Tablet foil

"I'm not going to see a movie with you that features terranauts." - Ettena

Why not?

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Apr 16, 2003 14:12 # 10664

Jaz *** replies...


Why not?

My theory is that non-geeks have a very strict border between the things they find acceptable and the ones they don't. Kind of like mentioning Startrek at a party, if you know what I mean.

"Please don't tell my parents I am a programmer. They think I'm playing the piano in a brothel."

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Apr 17, 2003 14:25 # 10718

Alekseji ** replies...

Re: Tablet foil

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Sounds cool.... what about a new comic-section? with some comics out of "DER SCHUHKARTON" (a shoe box) and some newer ones that u might draw during some "interesting" math lesson?

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Apr 16, 2003 20:15 # 10681

Jaz *** replies...

Carpal tunnel syndrome?

I'm figuring out new stuff about my newest aquisition by the hour :)

You see, I had a problem with my carpal tunnels for over four years. Whenever I typed a lot and/or played the guitar, my right wrist and fingertips started to became hot and hurt.

Now that I can use the pen with my left hand (I'm left handed) a lot of stress is taken off my right hand.

I'm really glad that now there's such a easy and cheap way to deal with CTS and RSIs for left-handed people. I really thought I would have to get one of these one day, in case the pain would grow worse. But now I think I'll just stick to my wonderful pen.

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Apr 16, 2003 20:34 # 10686

mace *** replies...

Re: Carpal tunnel syndrome?

I found that using the pen with my tablet for extended periods of time would cause a lot of cramping. Just like writing for hours. I've never had any discomfort with my standard rectangular keyboard. :)

It was probably just the way I was holding the pen though.

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