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Jaz *** rants...

In love with that Macintosh

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At my university there now is a PC pool full of brand new G4 Macs. The cases and screens alone look like any designer's wet dream, and MacOS X is right out of Star Trek.

Man, I want one of them at home so badly it hurts. Anything you can find on IBM PCs is kindergarten compared to the sheer beauty and perfection of those things. Why oh why is it I will never be able to afford one?

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Apr 25, 2003 14:28 # 11064

null throws in his two cents...

Re: In love with that Macintosh

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Ready for the switch? :-)

Quick math: A G4 now costs about 500 bucks more than an average Windoze machine. It's still about 8 months till your birthday, which means your Mac has plenty of time to get cheaper, and with every day chances increase that some rich super-newest-stuff fetishist sells their G4 on ebay. Heads up, there's still hope! :-)

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