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Apr 27, 2003 03:26 # 11162

oxygenius *** smiles...

Linux on a notebook

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well, yeah,
i finally found the "missing key" - aka the Knoppix 3.1 ct edition CD-ROM - inserted it, restarted my system and: FLASH!



oh, how do i have missed these nice, nifty features - having a USEABLE bash again (no, cygwin is definitly NOT a replacement for *ix!), using the tab-key in every and any program for quicker selections, swearing about the disabled wheel function of my cordless optical wheel mouse :D, reading NAO in three different browsers (i always thought Galeon wouldnt work with KDE, but maybe it's just the Gnome GUI they use??), and this and that and mor and more and more ...

and most important: finally having a stable system - next is, i'm going to see if it still works when i'm awake again (in about 7-8 hours or so :D), till then - NAO works in konq 3 very good - have a look for yourself:

showing 'Who's On' at NAO, ca. 150 kb, PNG, 1024x768

cu all, w0lf.

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