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May 10, 2003 17:19 # 11957

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Bad News

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*Yesterday my mom had went to the hopsital and had her biopsy. I went with her and the wait took forever. I never realized how boring and long it can be when you are sitting in a hospital waiting room, just waiting for news. Anyways the news wasn't as good as we hoped. The surgeon told us from the preliminary tests it looks as though she does have breast cancer. But we won't be 100% sure until Monday.

*This is the thing, I am not worried in the matter of I think she won't make it through this, or I think she is going to die. I just know that if it is cancer it is going to be a really long and hard battle, that is going to be very hard to travel. I am not sure I am ready for this.

*Also I had made the choice that I would be strong and supportive through all of this, but yesterday when my grandparents were having trouble staying strong, and my mom was crying, I almost broke down too. It is so hard to stay strong when your own parents aren't.

*Well today my little sister is going to prom for the first time and she just got back to the house from getting her hair and nails done. So I got to go. But I will finish my post later.

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